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If you forgot to bring your own bags or are in a hurry, pick up empty corrugated boxes as you shop and place them under the cart. Then you can walk right out the door without having to bag your groceries at the side counter. We love free! This tactic applies specifically to meat. Sure, the shelf life is near the end, but either cook the meat when you get home for weekly meal prep or pop it in the freezer!

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Looking for other ways to save on meat? Check out these ideas! Not only will you take advantage of the Wednesday meat special, the produce section during the morning hours is at its best. This aisle may seem like a cheap trap, but you can find a hidden gem within this assortment of non-grocery products!

According to an employee at ALDI, asking a manager if or when something will be marked down actually improves your chances of having the price lowered. Some managers will mark it down on the spot just to move the product. Grab cash back on groceries with apps such as Ibotta and Checkout51! Reddit is an amazing source of unsolicited opinions on just about anything.

Simply pop in a quarter, slide it over, and voila! The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

ALDI Review

Plan to purchase one there or come prepared with your own. Some generics are even made by the same manufacturer as their name brand counterparts! Follow ALDI online to get the latest deals and recipes when you signup for their email list , view the blog , or follow their social media accounts. These pages also respond quickly to customer feedback should you ever experience a problem at your store. Written by Emily for Hip2Save.

1.) Pick up an empty box to stash under the cart

Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. Connect with Emily on LinkedIn. If anyone didnt know Aldis is owned by the same company as Trader Joes. They are huge overseas. In America they are more in poor areas though. Great store, my family and friends love it.

25 Things to Know Before Shopping at Aldi

Years ago, someone told me that Aldi was for poor people,lol. She eventually started going to Aldi, bragging about the great deals. Trader Joes is Aldi Nord. They are not owned by the same people. I disagree. Everyone that shops at Aldis is not poor. Trust me. My uncle is a wealthy man and when he met my aunt he started going to Aldi with her because she liked it.

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Also some of Aldi brands are made in the same factory as name brands, just are repackaged in different labels. Not all, but Some. Ive been shopping at aldis 15 years. Now id say its very mainstream with all incomes shopping there. I may not a millionaire, but why spend more of my hard earned money on the same items. Just saying! I think Aldi is for smart people. I make my list out ahead of time.

So, I can get in and out of there in no time. I recently fractured my fibula, tore ligaments, had surgery. So, I throw my crutch in the cart, using the cart to carry most of my weight. I can do something for myself. To me, this is priceless!!!!!!!!!!! I see people from what I consider, all financial levels. Why pay more for something at a different store when you can get it at Aldi for less? Claiming Aldi is for poor people is ignorant and offensive.

People of all different means shop at Aldi. If you are willing to pay more simply for a different looking label so be it. I care more about the product itself, and not the packaging. My husband is a doctor, and we shop at Aldis when we can. Someone should tell that to the folks driving the Bentley, Mercedes and other imported cars at the one I go to….. I have seen Tyson chicken trucks delivering the chicken to Aldi.

Regulations require that products like meats coming into the country must be labeled with the country of origin. If you read a label and there is no country listed you can safely assume it is sourced in the US. The seafood at Aldi lists a country of origin. Some items also list where the product was caught and where it was processed if those countries are different. That is the case with the salmon that is usually caught in the US, but processed in China. Aldi meat comes prepackaged and well labelled, so you should be able to find out the origin of any meats in the store.

If anything the seafood and meats will have more accurate labelling that loose meats that have been known to be inaccurately labeled in markets. Very fun fact!!!

10 Secret Aldi Shopping Tips To Unlock Big Savings

The founder of Aldi Theo Albrecht…. She tells him specifically what to buy, to avoid, among other things, an ingredient that give HIM stomach issues , he ignores her and gets the wrong thing that she probably had to return to the store. And you feel sorry for HIM? Maybe he meant well and thought he was getting a deal, but still.

And even harder when a grown adult cant pay enough attention to avoid additives that make them sick. Why do women have to be so judgy towards other women who are just trying to do their best for their familes? Emily, I used to work at the Tonawanda store on Sheridan drive and am still aldi obsessed years later. I hope I run into you someday! I believe the Ibotta app now partners with aldi.

Method of Payment/Coupons/Gift Cards

Eggs were. Aldi just popped back up on my ibotta. It was there last year and went away but I just saw it 2 weeks ago Dec. Hope they keep it now. That is how it is done in most places in Europe and it is genius. Except in Europe it is a whole euro not just 25 cents. My local Aldis wont put the box or basket in the cart and put the items in it.

Or, are we really THAT lazy of a society? I just commented that bc the number 1 hack is about the box and putting it in the cart. Read more: Grocery stores carry 40, more items than they did in the s. Avocado prices have been on the rise recently, so aficionados may appreciate such a bargain. Fobes also recommends getting canned goods, cheese and bread.

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  5. Cherie Lowe, who writes The Queen of Free , a blog about savings and debt, says she zeroes in on fresh meat, produce and a few select pantry staples including canned beans, oatmeal and coffee. The blog Living Well Spending Less says specialty chocolate, organic products and yogurt are among the best Aldi deals. Sheppard also noted that the store is a good option for pantry staples like pasta and rice, as well as fresh meat especially beef and cheese. For household needs such as paper towels or diapers, consumers may be better off shopping elsewhere. For instance, store-brand plastic wrap costs 0.

    Warehouse clubs are also competitive with Aldi when it comes to the prices of other goods, from organic kale to salted butter, thanks to buying in bulk, according to personal finance website Clark. See also: 10 things that actually make sense to buy in bulk. The supermarket chain eschews coupons much like it does plastic bags — as part of its effort to keep prices down. For items like cereal, Fobes said the sales price at another store may not beat Aldi — but adding extra savings in the form of a coupon can change the game.

    In these cases, consumers may benefit from stocking up on these essential, shelf-stable items.

    Aldi Coupons: 5 Ways to Save BIG at Aldi!

    A mobile app lets shoppers browse deals and Aldi devotees recommend checking out the store circulars, which appear online two weeks ahead of time, to plan meals. As a result the selection at Aldi may not please everyone — particularly consumers who prefer specific brands because of their taste or quality. Many of the store-brand items sold at Aldi are supplied by the same companies that produce national brands, Patton said. But Aldi has been growing its range of gluten-free and organic offerings, Patton said. Since Aldi launched its SimplyNature line of organic or non-genetically modified products in , the offerings have expanded from 30 to products.

    In short, shopping at Aldi is more about savings than convenience. While the lack of selection can help consumers avoid overspending on unnecessary items, it also means that devotees of certain products will have no choice but to shop elsewhere for them. Sheppard, the U. You can shop quicker and smarter, without the need of a calculator.