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If you would to speak to the journalist about your experience I can give you their contact details. It may have been a business contract and then carried on but it then is a consumer contract and at that point become subject to SOG, SOGA and The Unfair Contracts Act and all the other consumer legislation. I know of a lady who after she realised that Unicom had given her domestic residential home line a business line status, she raised a complaint with the Ombudsman Services. As they usually do!! Hi A Builder I searched and found the copy of the letter that the Ombudsman sent to the lady I mentioned who complained to the Ombudsman that Unicom had given her home telephone supply a business line status.

Because of that it does not have to offer you a 12 month contract for your home address. Oh I do like the fact that they have their own debt collection company! I also like the claims on their website about reducing your costs — not only do they rip you off, but they claim to save you money while they do it!

It is the name that Unicom have allocated to their own in-house credit control department but they are not licenced to collect debt as a debt collector. They would need a Consumer Credit Licence to do that!! Problem is that they would then be regulated by the FCA.

The Best SIM Cards for Travel to China

I certainly think this is legalised robbery and to have it reduced is ridiculous. The elderly are vulnerable and for companies like this to take advantage is just pure criminal. Ofcom are not fit for perpose. They are not protecting the consumer at all. Please we need a public enquiry into them.

They need to realese their data, as I feel this would prove how biased they are. Comments RSS Feed. Mobile Menu. Email Link News. Tags: 3G , 4G , Mobile Broadband. By Mark Jackson Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset England , he also founded ISPreview in and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Speed: 35Mbps Unlimited. Hey Alex, thanks for pointing that out.

I was able to access my non gmail email accounts and text at. Both have worked fine.

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My cell phone with T-Mobile worked just fine in May I had taken an old IPhone to purchase a sim card in China but was unsuccessful in purchasing one in China. So I e-mailed T-Mobile and they said that my other phone would work fine at. I had to set up a yahoo e-mail account as g-mail, facebook is not allowed. Hope this helps. I do have one question about visas. I keep reading that I need a Letter of Invitation from the person I am visiting. Fact or fiction?

This will be my first trip and I hope to make many more. China has always fascinated me and I hope to make several trips. Would you have any tips for airlines from San Francisco, CA.?

How to get unlimited cell data in China 2018?

Hey Josh, My wife and i are getting ready to move to China, and i was wOndering if there are any carriers that you recommend in particular for Our phone plan. And Does data work the same way as minutes Do where you just pay for a certain amOunt in advanCe? Both are very good.

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You can purchase plans with different amounts of minutes and data bandwidth. I just want to use my iphone 6 for taking photos while in china. To be on the safe side, I am not going to use it for any form of communication at all! So, based on that, what do I need to know in order to safeguard my camera.

Hey Joann!

Can I Use my Mobile Phone in China? 12222 Traveler’s Guide

Great question. Then keep it in airplane mode. Josh gave great advice. I was in China may and was able to text , take pictures and even make calls but tmobile advised me that the roaming charges could be extensive if the phone was on and not in airplane mode. Hi, I spent one year in China and I am now in China for two months. In Chongqing I have not been able to have my cell phone work.

The Best SIM Cards for Travel to China

I spent all day at China Telecom with no success. I was told then and again today that you need a citizen card to get a phone. A friend loaned me a aim from his old phone and I was able then to do business under his account. I am now going to use my mother-in-law s phone. My phone is good on WiFi.

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If the China Telecom store is telling you you need a Chinese ID card to get a SIM card for your phone, then you need to go to a different probably bigger store. Hi ,I have just found this site and thank you so much for sharing your experience and know hows!

Hi Chun Liu, thanks for reaching out. Everything in China revolves around your SIM card. As far as the best data available, just as other places in the world, each carrier has their own strengths in coverage around China. Unicom F7 Android v4. Performance Quad Core, 1. See Full Specifications.

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