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I wish they would add ice cream The salad is great and the rice paper so softttt YUM.

Healthy Buffet With Farm Fresh Ingredients

They also serve steamed egg, tofu soup, and soy bean paste soup. I'm generally not a fan of soy bean paste soup so I did not try it. However the other two were not bad. I like to add small pieces of grilled meat into my tofu soup : heck I even throw some steamed egg into my tofu soup. This restaurant has a buffet area where you can help yourself to additional sides such as pork rib stew, beef rib stew, some other kind of stew, squid, rice cakes, noodles, potato salad, tofu, cucumber, lettuce leaves if you want to make wraps, and fruit.

I also saw recently that they've finally added radish slices!

Moreover, in addition to the usual sesame oil dipping sauce and the brown one that looks soy sauce based with jalapeno soaking in it yeah I should confidently know the name of these sauces by now I love that sauce! It's like a thick sweet and spicy asian barbecue sauce.

On top of that, they have the best service. Our server was Holly both times. She was knowledgeable about the entire menu. She was quick and efficient. We never ran out of meat. She prepared our drinks at our table like a bartender. She even asked us if we wanted a little cup of aluminium foil with oil and garlic in it to put on the grill. You just let it sit there and the garlic cooks in the oil Though Holly was our main server, the rest of the staff was always there to help.

The grill was constantly being changed. We pressed the call button once, and someone appeared in 2. One last thing: so much spaceeee!!! Ok not so much for your legs. Flights Hotels Car Rental. San Gabriel. Things to do. Add Photo.

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Barbecue , Korean. Ranked 6 in San Gabriel restaurants. Popular with:. Write Review. Edit info. This is one of the Read more. Member Reviews Show Local reviews. Deborah Chen. Helpful 1. Jeffrey Tomita.

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They have met my standard as far as KBBQ spots go. People thought your review was:. Derrick Achacoso. Recommended for: Foodies. Luna Zhou. Schel schel Laura S. Morison Woo. Jennifer N. Muy S. First to Review. Mai B. Recommended for: Family Travelers Foodies. Virginia Dam. Amy Rubinstein.

Oo-kook Korean BBQ. Show Nearby Places. Nearby Hotels View all. Quality Inn Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel 8. View all. Nearby Attractions View all. Temple City Animal Hospital 6. Temple City Car Wash 8. Nearby Restaurants View all.

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Shiki Seafood Buffet 8. Seafood , Buffet.

Vegas-Style Buffet: Cafe Sierra

Hometown Buffets 9. The Hat 8. Buffet City 6. Report this place. Finding a great all-you-can-eat deal is like winning a prize at a carnival - the more money you spend, the bigger the prize. But if the game wasn't rigged to send away more losers than winners, it wouldn't be long before all the prizes were gone, and the carnival barker was out of a job.

The trick to AYCE is to find the perfect balance between quality and price, i. Here are 10 all-you-can-eat deals in LA that you should be able to beat, or at least have a great time trying. Pros will go straight for the crab, raw oysters and lobster thermidor at this Vegas-style buffet. Really want to win the game? Buttermilk battered and fried to a dangerously dark peppery perfection, the dish comes with two Kogi-esque sauces and directions for maximum enjoyment. Squeeze the lemon, dip, crunch, and repeat. Dessert and a salt lassi are also included.

It's safe to say the cheap seats in right field at Dodgers Stadium are by far the most dangerous seats in Major League Baseball. Valley Blvd. Just leave it. Know this restauranteur is a fishing geek. No joke, read the signs. Take that Providence! With that said, this place was a bit schizo.

Oo-Kook Tofu and Barbeque, Alhambra

The wait for the second dish out of 2 was nearly 20 minutes, unheard of in wok-and-serve San Gabriel Valley Chinese restaurants. Server came to apologize as the cooks went next door to buy chestnuts for the 3 cup crock-pot chicken. Then the crock pot came out with not a single chestnut in sight. And the waitress laughed, along with the chef, at this snafu without spitting in the second attempt of a ho-hum 3 cup chicken. Or so I hope. The moral of the story? Now the circle of this post is complete. Look You Fan Dim. Chaya Downtown, with its hip chandelier and revealing windows, served mass-appealing rolls during the introduction of its happy hour.

After nearly a year, and a menu addition, things are on the up and up at this restauant surrounded by downtown high rises. There is a Japanese teppan master grilling it up ala Rick Bayless, and the beer flow freely, just like a German beer patio. Out of that menu, the steam mussels and poke were surprising hits, with nary a knarly chunk of remainder fish used in the albacore poke.

The entire bar menu is offered all evening, best everyone should be excited the Happy Hour cocktail prices has been extended into closing as well! The lamb albondigas were covered with sauce and cheese, making the side sauce unnecessary. The kobe short rib melt was a deconstructed grilled cheese sandwich with crostinis served on the side, perfect for the carbophobes. The best thing of the evening though, were the grilled octopus legs over grilled eggplant. Chaya Downtown. Domie is a Hong Kong Bakery known for small cakes, etc.

Its popular enough to have a 4square check-in. While there is no indication the Rosemead original is of any relations, it does produce out some of the cheapest Asian style fluffy, no frosting, no icing cakes in all of San Gabriel Valley. Maxim Bakery in Alhambra may sport affordable cakes with a bit more elegance, but only Domies has knarly baked bun creations. Witness: sweet butter bun with stuffed mochi. The construction goes something like: carby sweet rice surrounded by sweet buttery surrounded by sweet bread. You can be on Atkins, but that mochi-stuffed bun would still be a fun anomaly to taste.

Also, call Domies to save a fresh loaf in the morning to save a fresh loaf of toast in the morning and they will slice it super thick for the Taiwanese brick toast.

SinoSoul - Part 40

Reminder: this is cash only, no sit-down. The Nipponfication process, from cassette players, to DVD players, to whiskey, to automobiles, etc. With a few exceptions — think Strawberry Cones Pizza , the Japanese can build more of everything better than any other culture. After 20 years of culinary espionage, the Japanese have reached a new plateau where French and Japanese cooking techniques interlocks seemlessly. First: black sesame house-made tofu topped with uni, bathed in dashi. This is a papillae twister. This looks like dotted poop from an alien, doubled up with sea urchin discharge. You may hate it, you may love it, but the bites force you towards an unequivocal decision.

Next: wakasagi nanbanzuke fried smelt in sweet vinegar. Perfectly delicious, pungent sweet vinegar that did not overwhelm. Fried smelt still retained fried potato starch? The smelt in vinegar is light, ethereal and just carried a balanced savory on savory profile.

Of course the dish is a cheap common small plate, but hardly will one taste real dashi underneaththe vinegar. What is this? Did I really enjoy this?