Weird black friday deals 2019

17 awesome and weird things you can buy on Black Friday - INSIDER

While we have definitely found some great ones, there are also those that have raised more than a few eyebrows throughout the office. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or the turkey-induced food comas getting to us, but here are some funky deals we're recommending and definitely not recommending at the same time. If you're looking to score a quirky gift for the holidays, this might be the place for you.

But if you're hoping to find our actual favorite deals, you might want to go here instead. If all you've ever wanted was to be a wizard in real life, your time is now. The Technomancer 2. While wearing it, make gestures to cast 9 different spells with different sound and light effects, such as 'fireball', 'restore health', 'shockwave', and probably 'make the mailman think you're a little weird'.

This Super Mario Bros. cartridge that'll get you drunk AF

I know, you haven't played it yet, because of that steep 99 cent price tag. It doesn't pack a whole lot of power—only 2.

Mountain Dew Scented Controller-Shaped Bath Bomb

Billed as the "adult party game everyone's talking about," we are only talking about it now, for the record and brought to you by "the Fuckjerry team", What Do You Meme? With this card game you can create memes somewhere other than the internet, which is quite frankly way too full of them already. Tired of gloves that only let your fingers move in three directions? Last verified 31 Jan Last verified 21 Nov Last verified 1 Nov Last verified 25 Oct Last verified 12 Feb Last verified 15 Oct Last verified 4 Oct Last verified 25 Dec No promo code required.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 12222: how to make huge savings this year

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Walmart Target. Amazon Jet.

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Shop Petco now. Shop Amazon More deals. That's it. Just towels. When I left after my 12 hour shift, we still had shelves full of these towels, along with tons more in the stockroom. On Black Friday a father had his daughter on his shoulders and kept spinning her around. She said she didn't feel well and told him to stop. Did he?

These are the weirdest (and coolest) Black Friday deals of all time

She started throwing up all over the jewelry stands. It caused a chain reaction, and in total, 12 people threw up all over the store.

Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

I happened to be ringing up a man with hundreds of dollars worth of jeans on one of these registers, slid his card and the whole thing crashed. After I had told him what happened and tried to reboot the register he gave me the glare of Satan.

He then proceeded to yell at me and told me if the payment goes through twice it's all my fault. Before storming off, he looked me straight in the eyes and said 'Nobody loves you. Black Friday beauty deals. Black Friday fashion deals. Black Friday technology deals.