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How to get a discount coupon on eBay 1. How to get a discount coupon on eBay From time to time, eBay sends coupons to members, who can use them to pay for items on the site. Go to your "My eBay" and make sure that your contact information is current. Select the "Account" and select "Notification Preferences" option.

Go to "Promotions and Surveys" and select "Show". Check the box "General mail promotions" and then click "Save". You can only use an eBay discount coupon per transaction. They usually have short shelf life, so be careful as to the date, before it expires.

eBay Coupons & Promo Codes

If you have any problems with the coupon, please contact a representative of PayPal customer service for help. Wait for special promotions and eBay discount coupons near a holiday or big sale event. Visit the eBay site regularly to check for any promotional code. How can I use ebay coupon code, on ebay? It will not let me use. Make sure that the email address on your eBay account is also your PayPal account " You can use this coupon only if you have received in your ebay account.

If you have not received an email inviting you for the offer, then you can not use it. I had received the email and have used this coupon, and it worked for me. How to create and use a Paypal account to transfer and earn money For some time I get readers to contact here the blog asking me how the Paypal and how they can use it to manage and transfer money online safely, and wanted to use today's article to explain this and also of how you can make money with Paypal. Paypal is today leader in the market, offering different currency transaction and availability in about 62 different countries, including Portugal and Brazil.

Unfortunately Paypal does not yet support bank accounts in Brazil, so the only way to transact money is through an international credit card. Yet it is extremely feasible for all bloggers and webmasters who want to transact money worldwide. I know lots of regularly using the platform and make it a starting point for their online business. As I thought I speak vaguely Paypal would not bring great results, or would likely give rise to many questions, I decided to make a complete tutorial on the system and make it available immediately reveal to the readers of the blog here.

The system can be used to buy equipment in ebay auctions, buy products or services on the Internet, or even make donations to websites or blogs. The basic use of Paypal account is free, as all types of accounts, and does not retain commissions for the platform for use and handling money. However, this type of account only allows you to receive money as it is limited to 5 items of money per year, which is pretty little for anyone working with internet regularly.

The free account allows you to send and receive money from users who have Paypal account, but also makes it possible to receive money from users who do not have Paypal account. If you send a payment request to an email address, that person can pay with an international credit card, without even have a Paypal account. Not need to open. Discount and Promo Codes June —

The money received in your PayPal account may be spent or sent to other users, or raised to a bank account or a credit card, for example. Depending on the type of account and the type of information entered into the system, will have on your Withdraw above several options.

In this example below we sending to bank account in the United States, and the survey by commission values. To start the registration process, click the "Sign Up" text.

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On the next page the system will ask if you want to create a Personal account, Premier or Business. Here are the differences:. No commissions. This value falls as the volume of transactions. More attractive commissions. The more appropriate in my view is the Premier account. Once it receives and sends money regularly, whether to buy banners, themes, advertising, products or services, it is essential to have an account of this type.

On the next page the system will ask you about what personal data. Name, address, location, contacts, etc. The process is very simple and also includes some security questions and then be able to recover your account if you have problems. The email you enter in the first field, is the address you will use to market money in your Paypal account, and will also be the address that will login to the platform.

Does this address you will send to your customers when you want to receive money. If you enter international credit card information, Paypal will confirm the accuracy of their data with the system. If the address you put is the same as that found in the credit card registration, the system will assume it as a verified user.

To check your credit card, you must also follow the verification steps, and the Paypal withdraws 1,50EUR your credit card and makes the transaction a number of 4 digits that is the key to this check. To find these digits, you must apply at your bank a statement of the credit card movements, and check the code in subparagraph redemption Paypal. The process is very simple. A user checked is always considered as someone credible in the eyes of the system, which is always a commercial advantage. In against Premier for example, from the moment that trading EUR Paypal puts a warning to submit your ID card and a copy of an invoice stating their home address.

The process takes 24 to 48 hours to be approved, and can be done through the platform, uploading of such requesitados files. As I mentioned earlier, Paypal can be used to send money in respect of transactions on ebay, donations and charity, purchase of products or services, among other things. There is no need to specify the service or product they are buying, so it is a very liberal system in this aspect.

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  5. To send money click the menu "Send Money" your Paypal account and fill out the information required by the system. Recipient's email address corresponds to the destination account where will send money. In online transactions, some companies offer payment via credit card and also through Paypal. You should know to select the correct payment method, since when paying by credit card, it will not use your PayPal funds. You will have to make Checkout via Paypal so you can use its funds or gifts in your account, or pay also through an international credit card.

    The first is giving the paying your email address to which he transfers you directly the amount. Other options include button Request a money sending by email an invoice to Request a payment of a set amount. This payment can be made by customers who use paypal or through an international credit card, without the need to have account in Paypal even. This is a business and selling products or services online, since there is no trade barrier, unless the need for a credit card.

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    To Request a payment, click on the "Request Money" your Paypal account, and enter the email address of the customer, the amount to be collected in the currency you want to receive, and the type of business concerned. Sign up to receive discount offers and coupons so you can make great savings on your next eBay purchase. If we've sent you a discount offer or a coupon, you can use it to help pay for all or part of your eBay purchases.

    To spend your coupon or redeem our offer, enter the redemption code in the Gift cards, coupons, eBay Bucks section at checkout, then select Apply to see your new order total. Tip If you experience any problems redeeming your coupon, visit our redeeming coupons page - opens in new window or tab. To receive discount offers, make sure your Communication preferences - opens in new window or tab are set to receive marketing emails from us.

    When a transaction that started out on eBay is completed outside of the eBay platform, the buyer and seller are no longer covered by eBay protection programs and the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

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    As such, contacting another eBay member to discuss moving a purchase off eBay creates a risk of fraud, and is not permitted. Please see our full policy guidelines below for more details. Skip to main content.