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The physical POP coupon will be provided with the purchase of the Upgrade 6 software package.

Positioning Pipe-on-Plate Coupon to Swing Arm

The coupon is now set up for the 2F position. Reinsert the Pipe Pin into the swing arm. This will lock the coupon in the 5F position. Contact Us. Contact an Equipment Expert. Contact an Education Expert. Ask a Welding Question. Ask an Education Question. Ask an Equipment Question. Community The James F. We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs. There it is!

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Since I have taken this welding certification I have been at the Fluor craft welder training center for a long term job interview and an upgrade your welding skills course. So far I have almost perfected my stick pipe welding since taking this test and am working on my TIG welding skills. The other main difference is, no grinding allow except on the root. They do not allow any concavity on the root or imperfections on the cap!

The bottom line is you must weld better then the ASME code allows! My welds have seriously improved with just a little more practice and it is only getting better!

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This is a great program if you are accepted into it! Contents overview of the 6G pipe welding certification:. Skip to content This is the final part of how to pass a 6G pipe welding certification. Template for marking pipe coupons for bend test. Weld coupon specimens are marked on the pipe with soapstone. Now the Certified Welding Inspector put my initials on the specimens and the weld procedure number that is maked in his records. The first cut of the pipe coupons on the bandsaw. Here is the pipe with a few coupons taken out of it. The pipe was rotated and coupons are being cut on the other side now.

This is the inside of the pipe cut into coupons before grinding the root flush with the base metal. Here is the same weld test coupons flipped over to show the cap weld or the face of the weld.

I put the test coupons in a vise to hold them before marking them so they would not move. Once the test coupons were licked into the vice I used a punch and hammer to mark a dot in the center of the weld area so the center does not get lost during grinding.

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Face and Root Bend Coupons Finally the cap and root of the weld need to be ground. Face bend coupons before grinding excessive reinforcement. Looking at the weld cap. Face bend coupons looking at the root weld side. The root bend coupons looking at the face or cap of the weld. Root bend coupons looking at the root weld penetration before removing any excessive weld reinforcement.

Alternative Test Coupons The rest of the pipe is there for an alternate bend test in the case a coupon fails. Alternative coupons looking at the face or cap weld. Another view of the alternative bend test coupons from the root weld side.

How to Pass a Four Post 6G Restriction Test

Weld Test Coupons Weld Reinforcement Removal Below are the prepared root and face bend specimens with the weld reinforcement removed by a grinder. The face bend coupon with the excessive weld reinforcement removed from the cap weld with a grinder. Root view of the face bend coupons after the bend area was cleaned with a grinder. You can see the undercut from the root weld. Root bend coupon with the face reinforcement removed. The root bend coupons with any excessive root reinforcement removed. Face Bend Tests The pictures below is of my first face bend.

The first face bend coupon is start to bent. Face bend number 1 is half way through the test and it looks good so far. It looks like the face bend coupon is making the bend. The first face bend coupon looks like it passed the bend test.

Monster Coupon /4" x 5/8" SAB – Triangle Engineering

No defects showing. The second face bend coupon is loaded in the bender and the test is started. Half way through the bend test. Almost finished and it looks as god as the first coupon bent. The second face bend coupon looks clean and it very unlikely it can fail. Root Bend Tests Now the first root bend coupon.

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Starting the second face bend specimen. Half way through the bend test and this one also looks good. The second face bend looks clean as it is coming out the other side of the bender. The second specimen looks like it passed the face bend test. Starting the first of the root bend coupons.


Half way through the first root bend coupon. First root bend coupon popping out of the bender. Here is the first root bend coupon.