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Regular Price: INR2, Special Price INR2, Regular Price: INR12, Special Price INR7, Regular Price: INR3, AFX is one of the leading helmet suppliers in North America, a family-run company with a commitment to creating helmets for riders that demand the best. View as:. Regular Price: INR5, Special Price INR3, Regular Price: INR6, Special Price INR4, Burn Out Italy. Search: Search. You have no items to compare. Most Wanted: Sale.

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Through this collaboration, Xactware users can automatically include Donan engineering reports with their XactAnalysis files. Dri-Eaz Products provides solutions for drying and restoring water-damaged buildings — dehumidifiers, airmovers, structural drying systems, and air scrubbers used by water damage restoration professionals. With the integration, water mitigation specialists can capture and automatically export data to XactAnalysis and Xactimate from Dri-Plan, a paperless monitoring solution.

Integrated with XactContents, the system allows claims adjusters to enter jewelry loss information, receive an instant quote on the replacement cost, and maintain the information within XactContents.

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FileTrac claims management software by Online Reporting Inc. Through the integration with Xactware, data entered into FileTrac automatically updates in Xactimate. In a similar fashion, data entered into Xactimate also syncs with FileTrac, assuring seamless coordination between the two systems. ITEL Laboratories delivers fast, independent pricing and matching for flooring, roofing, and siding claims.

The integration between ITEL and Xactware allows the lab to automatically apply test results to estimates. The integration of XactContents and National Vendor gives Xactware customers the ability to send personal and commercial property claims to expert personnel. National Water provides water mitigation technology solutions to carriers, adjusters, MRPs, and contractors.

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Fully integrated with the Xactware suite of products, users can scope water losses with minimal knowledge of drying and easily collect project and drying log data. The tools also help users comply with carrier guidelines and adjust staff estimates. PSA, a product of CanAm Systems, is an accounting system that helps restoration and cleaning professionals improve job management, job costing, document management, equipment tracking, scheduling, and financial and management reporting. With the Xactware integration, users can export estimates from Xactimate directly into PSA, which saves time, increases efficiency, and eliminates redundant data entry.

ReSource offers contents evaluation and replacement service specializing in personal and commercial lines.

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The integration of ReSource with XactContents and XactAnalysis makes claims processing easier and offers a replacement concierge service at no additional cost. Partnering with ReSource can help lower claim exposure, enhance customer service, and streamline the contents process.

2015 Tomy AFX The New Mega G Plus Chassis Part 2 - The Infinity Race Set

Restoration Manager. Yeee Hawww! What's so funny? There are some left that are available on my site only.

Afx FX-50 Solid Helmet

Dale Earnhardt Some got out and are highly prized. They are VHTF! They are fragile, as the hoods tilt up on tiny hinges to expose their chromed V-8's.

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Superior "Candy" finishes are easily marred. Obtaining this pair in "Mint" condition can be difficult. Correctly scaled overall, durable, with great chromes and factory looking accents, the Mustang Mach I may be the perfect TJet! All color versions are desired by collectors. Some colors are VHTF, but all are desired. An "oddity" for the blues alone is that almost always they have damaged or distorted window pillars on the passenger side.

Of all the Display Boxes I have sold, this is 1! By far the Blue is the toughest of the Grand AMs. The Yellow and the Blue are prized, too! Aurora,s TJet version was very popular and now , as was the TV show. All command high prices, with the Blacks or Greens being highest! Other similar creations are equally inspiring! While not the most valuable nor most rare, the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck is a must in any collection. Some of the blue TJets are very hard to find. Being my favorite color, I just had to get "all of them".

I got one in the mail once, but the JERK shipped it in an envelope mailer!!!! The 1st Generation is the best.

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We should all petition GM to release this as a "super car! GM had to find an answer to Ford's Mustang, and they found it. I owned a real one once! I don't mean Slot Cars! This guy was years ahead of all of us. Using AFX Wheels the car's balance is perfect for drifting through the sharpest curves! I had an Aunt R. I hated riding in the back seat of that car With me age 13 in the car it was hit with 49 miles on the odometer by a suspended COP within yards of my house!


A beautiful car I know a few serious collectors that have them in their stable besides mine. The blue is so sweet I still favor the Blue one. The AFX Trucks were a huge success and we collectors luv'em!