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With a nice cuppa tea and a good internet connection, these travel booking hacks should have you on your way:. Get price alerts from Kayak Kayak allows you to sign up for price alerts for particular hotels or dates you're interested in, so when the price drops, you'll get an immediate email notification. Snag other traveler's unwanted rooms Multiple sites lists accommodations after late cancellations, allowing you to score the rooms for a reduced price.

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Check out Roomer and Cancelon for deals. Check for hotel coupon deals If Groupon 's not already your friend, it should be. Check coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social for hotel deals - especially if your style is a bit more upscale. Use airline miles to purchase hotel rooms Nope, those miles don't just count towards flights. Use your airline rewards or miles when making your next booking.

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Use credit card points to purchase hotel rooms Many credit cards offer huge bonus points just for signing up or spending a certain amount of money within a set time period like Chase Sapphire Preferred. Did you know these points can often be used to purchase hotel rooms? Before your next trip, call your bank to see what credit cards they recommend to score the highest bonus. Subscribe for membership discounts Joining travel organizations can get you major membership discounts. Join AAA for hotel and car!

Snatch last minute deals with Priceline Search Priceline's Express Deals for super last minute hotel rooms. It's a surprise to most that your local drug store will have amazing deals on Black Friday! Just make sure you are signed up for their loyalty cards ahead of time.

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Many drug stores have been known to offer small items like hair ties, lip balm, and candy for free or very cheap on Black Friday. These items work perfectly as Christmas stocking stuffers — and of course for everyday use. Before you go shopping, make sure you have the Amazon App on your phone so you can scan barcodes on the items you want.

Believe it or not, a lot of Black Friday sales are actually more expensive than pricing on the same items from amazon. If you scan an item using the app and you realize that Amazon sells it for cheaper, in many instances you can get that cheapest price right away by going to customer service, showing the cashier the cheaper price, and getting a price match.

Not all stores do price matching, so make sure you know the store's policies before you go! If the store doesn't do price matching, just order the item straight from your Amazon app! Christmas can be expensive! Ensure you're earning the most interest you possibly can be on your savings, and be sure to set aside enough money to cover your credit card bills and other expenses in the new year.

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Believe it. They all need to draw customers, and free Wi-Fi in a crowded space is the ticket. Before going on your next shopping spree, do your research. You might find most products to be relatively inexpensive online when compared to retail.

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More and more stores are offering to reduce their prices to the better deals that customers find elsewhere. Best Buy and other electronics stores, as well as retailers that sell large appliances, have been price-matching for years. The clothing industry is finally starting to catch up. Discounts will always be a factor, but the products they correspond to will shift. If you familiarize yourself with what products go on sale in which stores, you should definitely align those two factors as much as possible.

Target, for instance, has a set schedule. Menswear and furniture go on sale every Wednesday, while sporting goods and shoes go on sale every Thursday.


Some grocery stores such as Kroger have free items every Friday, which you can find via mobile apps. Unless you are absolutely in love with the product or you need it right away, wait for sales! Gentlemen, this one is self-explanatory. This can work to your advantage in several ways. This men's shopping life hack is all about awareness.

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Be on the lookout for times of year where items will be slashed in price. Events such as Christmas sales offer the best deals — but they can also get pretty crowded. Looking for trends in the market will also be beneficial. The same applies to men who are gamers when they grow bored with a new release.

Returned items likewise often go on sale. No men's shopping life hack yields immediate rewards like this one. This perfect storm of shopping means you can pile multiple discounts for enormous savings. To make things even better, you have store credit from a return you made last week and connected to their Wi-Fi for a 20 percent discount. Stay vigilant for these perfect storms. When the retail stars align like this, you can shop without shame. Whenever you decide to work directly with the store or service, you'll always be more likely to run into better deals than you would through a third party.

Hotels are a great example. There are many third-party services that reserve hotels for clients, but calling the hotel directly for a reservation gives you the chance to negotiate a price with the manager. You'll also get a more generous cancellation policy by booking directly. Stores will offer to ship products that you couldn't find in the store — especially if you saw them on their website. The best part? Quite often, they won't charge for shipping. Another big benefit to dealing with a store directly is that you can usually return regretful purchases in person — assuming you used their online outlet.

Worst case scenario, you can at least get a store credit towards an item you really like. More and more retailers are doing this nowadays, and it's understandable. They rely on and highly value your repeat business, and they're happy to offer you members-only sales in return. Go ahead and give them your email address when they ask for it at the cash register.