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What: The store specializes in discounted food that is at or near its expiration date, as well as other products. Portland-based grocery retailer Everyday Deals has opened its newest store in Vancouver, where it sells discounted food that is often near or past its sell-by date, as well as some non-food products. The store fills the building at St. Johns Blvd. Johns IGA, which closed in December. Harkless said he broke that vow when a friend who had sold meat to the St. Johns IGA told him about the site. Melissa Wilson and Krystal White co-manage the Vancouver store.

White said the location is convenient for residents of the many nearby apartments. Courtway said that customers need to be aware of the age of the food when shopping at the store. Still, the store was swamped on its first day, Wilson said. Harkless said he plans some major renovations for the next six months, including replacing the lighting and the St.

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Toggle navigation. In the deli case, there's an even rarer thing: fresh halva available by the gram, cake-high and quivering under the lights. A combination all-purpose magic shop, magic theater and emporium of esoterica, Mark Benthimer's little store is the most dedicated purveyor of all things magical in Portland. It's also the only dedicated magic shop in Portland. Benthimer is a nationally touring practitioner of the sleight-of-handed arts—his next magic show is June 18 at the next-door theater, with ventriloquist and shop partner Scott Davis—which means if you're lucky, he'll let you in on some secrets.

But if not, there are plenty of books and kits, and fart jokes from whoopee cushions to fake poop. Just south of Grant's Philly Cheesesteaks' hall of beef—near the airport, medical laboratories and the Multnomah County Republican office—is one of the region's best seasonal produce markets. The Barn was established in the s, and the riverside industry and residential district both later sprung up around it; the food still comes mostly from Sauvie Island fields and Hood River growers, or maybe the strawberry farms just to the north.

Get the sweet white corn, cucumbers or pickled cucumbers and kraut cabbage or pickled kraut —and, oh Lord, the rhubarb.

During the months it's open, the Barn is perhaps the most reliable source of fresh-picked local produce. In a little house painted neon yellow, with a tattoo parlor out back, A Bead Source is a hidden treasure box. Inside, endless tables of tiny beads will make your eyes cross, and strands in every color line the walls. Agate stones hang next to Swarovski crystals, pyramid beads from the Czech Republic, and rows of metal charms.

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This is no average bead shop: It is Portland's best gem depository, where one room houses chains on huge spools, one displays a perplexing assortment of Native American tchotchkes like a leather-handled stone ax, and a house cat named Violet wanders around shoppers' ankles. If you want your jewelry ready-made, go to the attached gift shop, opened last February, where beaded bracelets, pendants and sterling rings are spared the markup of Hawthorne's shops.

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  • When the dusty Fabric Depot on North Lombard Street shut down, packing up its mothy upholstery fabrics and sun-faded circle skirts, few mourned. But this wondrous outer-eastside location is a world apart, easily eclipsing most Portland-area fabric stores in size and activity. Think of it as a Costco for crafters. The industrial warehouse-sized shop attracts everyone from bespectacled quilters who quibble over thread weights to something moms in Kate Spade flats, and art school students. Suspended from the ceiling are prize-winning quilts and arrows to direct you between the massive sales and well-staffed cutting tables.

    On weekends, pristine sedans pack the lot, and women fill the attached classrooms for tutorials on "demystifying knits," T-shirt pattern-making and DIY espadrilles.

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    The Depot is Portland-famous for its "Fancy Forest" quilt workshops, which feature Elizabeth Hartman 's minimalist design with twee foxes, owls and hedgehogs that look like Kinfolk Jr. In a massive warehouse in Margate, the floor was completely covered with thousands of plastic pots, trays, bags, films, lids and other everyday items. Most importantly, we need to produce and use much less plastic. Our fast-moving disposable society means that we are using more single-use things than ever, so we need to rethink how we consume.

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    • Hugo Tagholm , CEO at Surfers Against Sewage said " The Everyday Plastic report not only exposes the sheer diversity and volume of single-use plastic we all have to navigate daily, but as alarmingly, the inadequacy of current recycling systems, which only return a paltry amount of material back to shop shelves.

      Reducing the use of pointless plastics is a priority - there is just too much plastic currently being made. Then, all plastics that remain should be fully accounted for, captured and reprocessed by manufacturers. The future health of people and planet depend on drastically curbing plastic emissions.

      Everyday Plastic

      If only half the UK population did the same thing, we could prevent 10 billion pieces from entering the waste system. Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife. Surfers Against Sewage has the support of thousands of members across the UK.

      Together, they speak out for the protection of the coastal environment — your oceans, waves and beaches. Join a Plastic Free Community today. Leap is an eco-design studio housing a hub of talented creatives and associates who use their specialised skills in design, branding and web as tools for positive change for people, planet and profit. As well as changing the world through design, Leap takes pride in a carbon-neutral hosting service created with care to green up the web one website at a time.

      To collect the data presented in this report, the first task was to classify the collection by purpose, plastic type and recyclability. To do so, we needed the help of 20 volunteers. We have applied publicly available statistics to the data collected in this experiment.

      This has given us the means to make accurate calculations into the fate of my plastic within the UK waste system as well as energy and resource consumption related to the lifecycle of my plastic. The dark reality of the UK plastic waste.

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      UK plastics recycling industry under investigation for fraud and corruption - the Guardian, October The Story of Stuff - minute film by the Story of Stuff, A Crisis of Convenience: The corporations behind the plastics pollution pandemic - Greenpeace International, October Unpacking non-conventional plastics - Environmental Investigation Agency, Link between food packaging and food waste.