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You can choose from or month contracts, all of which come with 5, texts, 1GB of Internet data and free unlimited access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi. We're impressed with Tesco's prices, especially the month deals. They're not only cheaper than any of the other networks by total cost, they're even cheaper than buying an unlocked 4S and putting a Giffgaff SIM in it, previously the cheapest option by a country mile.

Giffgaff offers unlimited data over 3G, but Tesco offers unlimited Wi-Fi when you're out and about. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other -- adding up to a great deal for you. Both networks use O2's signal, so if O2 reception is decent round your way these are seriously bargainous options.

The iPhone 4S hits shops tomorrow.

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Full tariffs and iPhone 4S pricing structures can be found at three. Full tariffs and iPhone 4S pricing structures can be found at vodafone. T3's app XI to enjoy the beautiful game on the move. T3's official PlayStation 4 Pro review is here.

SIM-free iPhone 4S deals

These are the best Xbox One games to play today. Fill your collection with great Xbox games. It offers you a 1GHz dual-core processor, so at the very least it brings you up to speed with rival devices on other platforms, whilst also offering the sort of power you'll find in Apple's other "mobile" device. As both the iPad and the iPhone share the same operating system in iOS 5, this makes perfect sense.

Apple isn't playing the numbers game in quite the same way that Android manufacturers are, but the RAM is estimated at around MB. To be honest, the actual technical specification of the hardware that drives the iPhone 4S is almost irrelevant: it is more powerful than the last generation, pushing forward new capabilities for the effective months that the phone will be the darling of Apple's line-up.

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Not having a 1. In that respect, a direct comparison with rival platforms, on a numbers basis, is meaningless. Setting the iPhone 4S alongside the iPhone 4, both configured identically - which, thanks to iCloud restore, is incredibly easy - and it becomes apparent just how much of a performance increase the iPhone 4S offers you.

Apps open much faster than before, but it isn't until you get the two devices side-by-side that you'll really notice, as the iPhone 4 was no slouch.

Where this puts the iPhone 4S in terms of future apps, games and opportunities remains to be seen, but part of that performance upgrade helps run the new camera on the rear of the phone. Where Apple does seem to be playing the numbers game, is on the camera. Cramming 8-megapixels into the iPhone 4S might make it seem competitive, but we have to wonder whether this is any better than a 5-megapixel unit.

There is more data to deal with, certainly, and this is something that a new processor and GPU will have to cope with, but essentially the real difference lies in the BSI aspect, or backside illumination. This really means that the imaging sensor has a different design to previous units. It handles light better, it's less prone to noise and is more efficient. It also happens to be the same number of megapixels as top-tier Android rivals.

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There is less noise in shots and colours are better rendered. Overall levels of detail are much improved too and, down at a pixel level, things are impressively sharp. Of course, in lower lighting conditions noise quickly comes crashing in and the flash on the back can do little to help you along. In good conditions though, you'll get some cracking shots out of it. One of the notable features of the camera is that you get no settings.

You can toggle the rule of thirds grid, you can engage the HDR mode, but that is it. You do get touch focusing however, so you can easily and deliberately focus where you want, with the added benefit of using the volume up button as the shutter if you want.

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And you can now pinch to zoom, but that's about it. The same lack of effects applies to the video capture too. You now get Full HD x pixels at 30fps. The results are surprisingly good, but you don't get any options to turn this down to a lesser resolution. As a result it will begin eat a fair amount of space — a 30 second clip is about MB — if you shoot a lot of video.

Again you get touch focusing, but the iPhone 4S doesn't offer you continuous autofocus during video capture. You can refocus whilst filming by touching a new focal point on the screen, but it can pulse a little whilst trying to achieve sharp focus. Some rivals offer smoother transitions, so you can move the camera from a close macro subject to something in the distance whilst keeping the whole things sharp, which the iPhone fails to achieve. In terms of quality, it's up there with the best phones we've seen, but the option for continuous autofocus during filming would be top of our list of changes.

The interface is largely unchanged: you get each app laid out on the ever-expanding pages. You can order them into folders if you wish, but there's nothing new here.

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We've had a good detailed look at iOS 5 in a separate review ; what we'll deal with here is the significant changes that the new OS brings, and those aspects that are unique to the iPhone 4S. One of the changes we appreciate the most is a redesign of the notifications.

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Each type can be customised, so rather than a universal alert that dominates the entire screen, you can opt for banners instead if that suits you better. You can control how you see your alerts on the lockscreen with the ability to unlock straight to a particular message. You also get a drag down notifications tray, much like Android offers. This groups alerts, as well as offering weather and stocks widgets, so you can easily see notifications you might need to action. In short, Apple's notifications has taken something that Android did well and surpassed it.

It was a long time coming, but is much better for it. Many of the iOS 5 alterations address larger trends in smartphones.

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The introduction of iCloud and Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes cuts the computer tie that the iPhone had until recently. Again, this addresses something that Android holds over Apple: Android's core systems leverage native cloud assets very well. Calendars, contacts and emails now potentially have a cloud element on iOS 5, as well as a backup infrastructure. In truth, backing-up your entire device, settings, apps and all to iCloud is rather neat and something that Android can't tackle so easily given the number of different devices the OS runs on.

Apple, on the other hand, can backup your iPhone to iCloud and restore it to a replacement device, in very little time, and without issue. Wi-Fi syncing has raised an issue for some, as we've heard that some PC users find that iTunes launches in Windows every time their iPhone comes into range. We've not had this problem on the Mac.