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Audio versions are also available in CD and MP3 versions. They are the perfect companion for travelling and bedtime story reading. There are 6 books in the series. Keep your kids entertained anywhere at anytime with six stories on giving, saving, spending, integrity, work, and debt!

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior Review

CD contains an audio story read with sound effects and professional voices. Each disc also has an audio quiz for the kids about the story. Also included is a quick tips card for parents to help you get started quickly. I was given the above items in order to do this review.

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  • Keep Your Eyes on Your Financial Goals!

Your secret is safe with us. First things first. Before we can dive in, you need a little background on zero-based budgets. The concept is simple: Income minus outgo equals zero.

How Dave Ramsey's Mutual Funds Have Performed Since 1973

That way you know where every one of your dollars is going. Not knowing where your money is going can really derail your finances. Without a budget, you might look up one day and find you have no money—and no clue about where it even went. In the classic Christmas movie Home Alone , Kevin McCallister makes a plan for how he is going to tackle the intruders in his house—a little glue here, some glass ornaments there, and a couple swinging paint cans for good measure.

Well, just like Kev, you need a plan. The Christmas budget is your plan. What counts as income? This should include paychecks, small-business income, side jobs, residual income, and so on. You can even include money you make selling items on Decluttr and OfferUp or points you cash out from moneymaking apps like Ibotta and ReceiptHog.

Grab a notebook or your favorite budgeting app we recommend EveryDollar and begin listing your income.

Is Dave Ramsey's Snowball Method Really the Best?

Before the month begins, write down every expense you know is coming your way. This includes things like rent, groceries and gas.

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After those essentials are covered, continue listing your other monthly expenses, such as cable, phones and everything in between. And because your needs vary from month to month, you should make a new spending plan each month. Add that to the Christmas budget too! Ideally, this number should be zero, but it might take some practice. This just means you need to do something to bring one of the numbers up, the other down, or both. If you need to generate more money, start a side hustle or sell some things. That means you must have zero dollars left to budget.

Whatever you decide is up to you. You can still use zero-based budgeting! When you budget, base your income on the lowest earning month from the previous year. Then list your expenses in order of importance. Make sure you cover the four walls first food, clothing, shelter and utilities, and transportation.

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When you do get paid, take that amount and spread it out over the items in your budget. Cover what you can. If you get an additional check during the month, pick up where the last check left off. Think of a Christmas fund like a savings account that you set up for all your Christmas needs. This is where you will stash the money you save and watch it grow as the season approaches. When it comes to your fund goal this year, take a look at how much you spent on Christmas gifts last year. Where did you overspend? Is it reasonable to increase your budget or decrease it?

Where can you cut back this year? Set a goal amount for your Christmas fund and use your Christmas budget to help you get there!