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Redeeming a coupon code at Custom Ink doesn't require you to manually input any codes into the system during the checkout process. Rather, Custom Ink applies any current deals and promotions that your order qualifies for to your order automatically. Not only does this make is to that you don't have to worry about keeping up with coupon codes, but it also makes it so that you'll never miss out on a deal simply because you didn't know about the current discount.

During the checkout process, simply select the quantities of products you want to order, and if your order ends up meeting the requirements of any of Custom Ink's current promotions, rebates or discounts, then the amount you're entitled to save will automatically be deducted from your final purchase price.

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Custom Ink has become one of the most popular and leading websites when it comes to order customized shirts off the Internet, similar in tone and nature to other companies like Zazzle and Spreadshirt. The company was launched in when three college classmates, Marc Katz, Dave Christensen, and Mike Driscoll, got together to create the business.

In , they officially launched their business, and the co-founders are quick to point out that initially the business didn't have the extensive behind the scenes technology and organization that it does nowadays.

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Initially, Custom Ink consisted of 10 "inkers," the term Custom Ink has fondly chosen to dub its employees, who wrote the orders received online out by hand on printed sheets of paper and then manually calculated approximate due dates and shipping times for their products. Additionally, in the business' early years, when people called the toll free number, the phone rang simultaneously on all the inkers' desks.

They say that despite their challenges, they managed to work beyond them until their company grew enough for them to acquire the sophisticated technology that it has today. Part of what has lent to Custom Ink's success is the attention that it paid to its customers' feedback. In fact, Custom Ink was virtually the first company to ever streamline customer feedback on its website completely uncensored and unedited, which was practically unheard of in the industry, so that the company would have a transparent system that was accountable.

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Custom Ink took its customers comments and suggestions to heart, and now it has grown to become one of the most-loved customization websites in the world. Other reasons why the company's obtained such success can be attributed to its easily navigable user-friendly interface. Custom Ink truly allows customer to customize their own T-shirts and other products by allowing them to create their designs completely from scratch utilizing their design lab or by uploading their already designed company logos, mottoes and graphics to the site.

For those who want ideas on how to get started with their designs, there are plenty of design templates to choose from. All the design templates on Custom Ink were created by real artists and were approved before being added to the templates design library. Additionally, Custom Ink offers professional design services for those who don't have the desire or time to create their own designs from scratch.

The professional designers take into consideration everything that the customers request of their designs to ensure that they deliver customers an end design that meets their satisfaction. Custom Ink also makes it so that customers can review picture proofs of how their designs will print before they place any orders so that any modifications can be made if necessary. In addition to its screen-printing services, Custom ink also offers digital printing and embroidery services. I did however discover some less involved ways to save money on my weekly grocery trips.

I stopped getting sucked into common coupon traps and started shopping smart. Five cents off gas for every hundred dollars spent sounded great considering I was guaranteed to spend at least that each week. Win, win right? Five cents off on a sixteen gallon tank is only a savings of eighty cents.

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When you realize that stores that offer these "perks' sell their merchandise at much higher prices than other stores it typically doesn't add up. The key is to be an informed shopper.

I started really paying attention to the prices of the items I typically bought each week. Earning those gas points was actually costing me money. Just because something is on sale does not mean it is a good price or that you won't find it cheaper somewhere else. Signing up for a store credit card that gives you a certain percentage off each purchase is only worth it if you are disciplined enough to pay the entire balance each month.

It is possible to use coupons without making it a full-time job. You aren't going to save a ton of money simply by clipping the coupons from your local paper but every penny counts. Keep the big picture in mind. Weekly and monthly grocery budgets are great and important. When it comes to seeing savings think in terms of an entire year. On that note, the best way to save on groceries is to buy the stuff you use all the time when it's on sale and not just when you're out.

It took me a long time to see the value in shopping this way. While there is no need to stock up to hoarder proportions, thirty cents here, fifty cents there adds up over time. And probably the easiest tip of all, taking part in a stores loyalty program is a great way to earn free merchandise or get a few dollars off a future purchase.

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