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Very friendly and helpful staff who were willing to assist us with product enquiries. Excellent service!

Beautiful creative crafts and activity room for kids to learn art,cake making,Crafts. Great place to get seasonal craft ideas. Large selection of fall and christmas already! It's currently aug. I've already started my fall crafting. Always have had excellent customer service as well! Went to have a picture framed - huge pile of screw-ups one after the other.

I was recently in there just before close and a cashier named Amanda helped me. I then realized I'd forgotten my wallet. She held my stuff and when I returned was just as polite and helpful as could be. Amanda exhibited superior customer service and made my shopping experience delightful. The inventory is typically decent and varied. There have been a few occasions when entire sections of products have been empty hooks, however. I've never been to any other store where one or two people ahead of you equals a "line". They always have the art supplies you need, and the deals there can be pretty sweet.

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Customer service tends to range from disinterested to average. They carry a nice selection of yarns and needles and have helpful Sales associates. My favorite place to get supplies!! Always helpful staff and a great selection of papers, stamps, ribbon and more!! The cashier Kimberly S. It's people like this who make the world a better place! Thanks Kimberly! You are a rock star! Great customer service throughout! I could stay in that store for hours! I went for rubber cement thinner and forgot my coupon and they found one for me at the register.

I looked for a rock tumbler as an afterthought and they don't carry them any more but they are going to bring them back. Two clerks helped me look for my items when I couldn't find it myself. I'll be coming back. I dont know what it is about this michaels, but I really dont like it.

It's hard to get in and out of this plaza at times so I tend to just pop over to hobby lobby, which tends to have better pricing. Larger version of store which seems to be better laid out with more helpful staff on the sales floor. Michaels is the best,I go there if I am having a depressing day. The store is great for anything like birthday parties, family get together's and if u just want to have fun. Best customer service I've ever had at a Michael! Everyone was very polite and helpful. Long lines most times there. Good selection of supplies but kinda expensive. If you have no interest in crafts, you will give this place less stars.

They don't have movies or golf or even aquarium animals at Michael's. They do have a lot of stuff for crafts. They even have airplane models and toys for those members of the party who like that aspect of crafts but not all aspects of crafts. Attractive shopping destination for crafts, arts, photo frames. Definitely paradise for kids and those interested in the crafts. Unique selection and friendly staff. I'd recommend stopping by here, but be sure to grab a coupon! They are always available, so don't pay full price.

They have great holiday decor items, art supplies and frames! Excellent place to buy picture frames pre-made or custom made as well as other craft and home decor items. Offers really good discounts. Items are priced a little high, but the discounts and the quality of their products makes it really worthwhile. They were very low on several items I looked at. And after walking around the store for 20 minutes, not one employee said hi or asked if I needed help.

Very disappointed. There are always sales or coupons, if you're going there without one of those you probably have a good chunk of disposable income. The staff there are humble folk, friendly and helpful but they never seem to know where things are so I guess 'allegedly helpful' is better suited. Always have stock, neat kids toys and crafts, good selection of scrapbook gear. The manager Van Diskos was the rudest man I've met in a long time.

He was practically yelling at me and belittling me in front of customers. I was returning 3 products without a receipt. My nanna bought me for Easter. One was a 24 pack of Prismacolor pencils. I showed him a receipt for a pc. Art of purchases 2 weeks earlier and I explained I didn't need it because the larger set had those colours in it. The other product was paint markers my 80 year old nanna bought by mistake.

I showed him a receipt for a 48 pc. Set I had purchased earlier. He was rude. He said they could have been bought on discount. I said fine. Store credit them with the biggest discount ever offered. Still he refused to offer ANY Soulutions. I'm crippled and my nanna is a 80 year old woman who isn't mobile and lives north of Toronto. This man has me in tears and was very aggressive.

The other clerks were fine and just needed his approval. In appalled at this treatment and will no longer shop at ANY Michaels. Michaels is a great store the only time they might not have something that you are looking for is when they are out of stock. Wife loves this store she's there at least once a month. She says they don't have everything she is looking for but they have majority. Great service, needed to locate an item and customer rep took us right to it..

I have had several original paintings framed at this location. Coral has given excellent service. She is knowledgeable and her experience reflects her quality of work. I have received numerous compliments on the framing, and I would highly recommend her services. Good selection of craft supplies, quite pricey, staff are very helpful and pleasant.

BUT they have two flaws. Michaels, please tend to my thing about classes. Michael's is a very big store with all that u need for Arts and Craft work, building things like artificial flowers in an arrangement in a bouquet say for a bathroom or living room the staff are so willing to help you to find what you need and is customer friendly no matter how small or how ridiculous u think your questions maybe there is plenty of parking and you are near Boston pizza and Swiss chalet which are located at the South side of the parking lot.

Go to Deserres - it's across the street - and ask for a price match. Trust me. Usually can't leave without purchasing something. Well laid-out, things don't move around too much seasonal is always in the same place. Their stock changes with the season, not too quick, not too slow. I always check their mobile site for coupons before checking out.

I waited for a very long time in line. Only 1 checkout was open. An additional employee came to the front, noticed how long the line was, turned her light off and went back to whatever she was doing. I was not impressed. Next time I will go to Hobby Lobby. Snappy associate; hopefully not all working at the store are like the lady I dealt with. Michaels is a great crafty store, baking supplies, decoration, stuff for kids. Nice and friendly staff. Always promoting creativity for all ages. Most of the time find great deals. Best store in town for hobby supplies.

They stock a huge variety of jewelry making parts and tools, scrapbooking stickers and flair, art supplies and tools for cake decorating. Pricing is a bit high on some items, staff is hit and miss on how you are treated. Always a line up at the till but I have never not gotten what I needed from here. I went to Michaels on a Saturday with my granddaughter to purchase a birthday gift.

To get assistance we could not find a clerk unless we walked around and happened to see only 2 who were stocking shelves. Upon paying for our purchase I requested change to include cash in the birthday card. The clerk inadvertently closed her till and did the proper customer service and asked if I wanted to call a manager to open the till.

I was in a hurry and said yes. A manager then walked by our till and a few minutes later came by again with his keys indicating that the cashier had called. When she asked for the till to be reopened he made the comment "we are not a bank". If you want good customer service don't expect it at Michaels. The young cashier was totally curtious and did her job well. I'll always have memories of taking my son there for art supplies. Can be a bit pricy but the selection is quite good. Got some quality frames on sale at a good price.

I like this store better than the ones I have visited on the South Shore. You can find just about anything craft-related, at mostly reasonable prices. There are also crafting courses you can sign up for. How can it state hours and days open when it is not? Building is completly empty and nobody around I used to travel from Sherbrooke to Drummundville to shop at michaels.

I love this store. So many craft items for a low price and always great coupons. Very cheap prices on art supplies and friendly staff. Paid next to nothing for a bunch of high-end frames for prints and paintings. I came in to buy some display cases that were on sale and they were sold out, the manager took my name and told me she would honor the sale price when they got more in the following week.

I was skeptical so I called before driving up there I love an hour away from the closest one and sure enough they had my merchandise set aside with a note that they were honoring the expired sale price!! To me that's taking care of your customers and I will give them any future framing business I have!!

Love shopping there. They always have what I am looking for, especially holiday craft items as well as floral supplies. Store is not breastfeeding friendly. Employees need to learn state law before they speak! I will take my business elsewhere. You need to let your manager know that it is illegal to ask a nursing mother to cover up or relocate.

And to harass her about it when she refused is absolutely disgusting. I for one, as a nursing mother myself, will never again shop in this store. Sometimes have to drive to a different location for certain knitting needle sizes. Can be overpriced so always use their coupons. Staff are helpful. I'd visit this store every single day, if I had the money. Trips here can easily get expensive, because you won't be able to stop yourself. A local treat for artists of all styles, ages and interests. Found new hobbies I was not aware I was interested in and left happy. Lots of nice crafty stuff.

Always a sale on something. Try a dollar store first since thia place can be pricey. I had made a purchase about a week ago, and long story short had to make a exchange, walked into the store and asked to make an exchange, the lady told me she would need to call a manager which was fine, a lady with black and green hair came to the counter to tell me I couldn't exchange my product for the SAME EXACT ITEM because it MAY have went on sale in the past 90 DAYS, which I had bought it a week ago, she claims it was policy and had a very bad angry attitude towards me.

All I wanted to do was make an even exchange it was not my fault that what they sold me was broken. I'm going to be making a call to corporate to file a complaint against this horrendous management. I hope she felt like she saved Michaels today because she lost a very loyal customer. Michael's: Where the customers are an inconvenience. Just needed some water color. Paint was locked up. Got attitude when I asked to have it opened bc the call button was broken.

Then the paint had to be walked to the counter for me bc I guess I looked like a watercolor thief or something. I'm a well dressed white male THEN Those aren't even colors. How cheap can this place be? Not very-the paint was 4. I got 12 for 7. I came back to Michael's the next day to the return counter to return the paint obviously and the manager standing there ignored me from 2 ft away where she proceeded to pick up the phone and start placing orders. Will never be back. While I am not a crafty type of person, this store is the go to place whenever last minute things for kid's projects need to get done.


The store is a bit crowded with very narrow aisles, but I can imagine that this is a craft person's dream store as they have everything from picture frames to cake decorating tools, and they gotta fit all of that somewhere. There are frequent deals that can be found in their mailers and you can also find deals in store as well.

The staff are generally helpful when focused on you, but forget easily if asked for assistance while assisting others. Staff gave inaccurate information on sale items. It was extremely frustrating because the sale items were not clearly marked. After 45 minutes of deciding which green tagged flower we wanted for our wedding and waiting in line, the green tags we had chosen we not on sale at all.

They were the exact green tags the employee told us were on sale. Frustrating experience. We were late for an appointment because of waiting in line and staff was in no way accommodating or even apologetic for wasting our time by giving us misleading price cuts. Staff should be knowledgeable about these things or make the initiative to find out neither of which happened.

Left the flowers on the counter and will not be back. I've tried to call the store 6 times to cancel my participation in a class scheduled tonite!! No one answers!! It cuts off after 5 rings!! I tried! Thirty rings without a response- is not good! April was helpful and friendly, and when I asked where the baking tins were, she gave me such accurate info it was scary! It's like, WHOA! They have teddy-bear shaped pans AND soccer ball shaped ones!

That's amazing. This store is WAY clean, organized, and smells like a fresh parchment paper. Awesome store! Standard Michaels. Look for coupons online first if you're buying something expensive. Michaels has lots of great arts and craft supplies. My kids really enjoy shopping here. It's a great deal. Big store with huge selection of anything related to arts and crafts. Sometimes feels like there is too much inventory as aisles feel stuffed.

Staff has always been super helpful. Well organized, helpful staff. On the pricy side for art supplies - I wait for a sale on items I need.

The cash config is beyond stupid it's always slow even when more than 1 person is there! Went with my sister to buy yarn and a crochet hook. Had a question about sizes of hook. The red-headed "clerk" was condescending "if you read the label you'll understand" "if you double the thread around your finger twice you will have tighter stitches". Unfriendly, rude, condescending - all the reasons not to use this store! It has just about everything I need to get ideas for my next project.

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Its perfect for kids and adults. They are of the quality and expression that I deem worthy of the product lline I offer to my customers. My experience and interaction with your staff has always been one of a positive nature - friendly, attentive and always available. Not to mention, there is always a bargain the be found at Michael's. And I look forward to taking advantage of all those great deals you offer; as I believe St. Catharines is a great place to live and do business. I plan on continuing my shopping experience with Michael's for many more years to come.

Thanx for the inspiration and support you have provided. Partners Together in bringing the Spirit of the Season not only into people's homes but also into the hearts of all those that they hold near and dear at this time of year. I love shopping at Michaels and frequently shop here for crafting stuff. He condescendingly said "don't worry you will get it for that price" and I quickly replied saying "I'm not worried I just wanted to make sure you guys were informed so this doesn't keep happening because they are all listed for that price. He said nothing more to me but turned red and walked away.

In no way should an employee EVER touch a customer in such a way, especially after being condescending. I'm very disappointed with this and he should have apologized right away. I in no way deserved to be spoken to like that because I had not said anything implying I was upset or worried, he assumed I was making a fuss and then treated me as such. I am a small woman and he should have never put his hands on me in any circumstance. The only acceptable contact between employee and customer is a handshake.

NOT a rub on the shoulder after attempting to belittle the person in question. Michael's has a lot of neat crafting supplies. The location of this Michael's could be a little better. While they had most items in stock there was only 1 cash open for a line of 6 or 7 customers while a group of staff sat in the room they teach classes in holding what looked to be a meeting. Going forward I would suggest they hold their staff meetings outside of store hours.

My wife loves this store. I've even picked up a few things here. It has a huge selection of decorating and craft supplies. A great asset to have nearby. I love Michaels! I wanted to purchase a 7ft. Unfortunately the store was sold out except for the display. The clerk said they would probably be receiving a shipment later in the week and that I would have to phone or come back in to check I live out of town. She would not take my name and phone number or put one away for me or offer me a rain check. No explanation was given i. I tried to phone the number listed in the telephone directory and on-line and the phone rang and rang, several times but no one ever answered it!!!

This does not make for good customer service. Usually a pleasant shopping experience each time I visit here to stock up on card stock. However I agree with the one reviewer. Just had a great experience at this store. Management and employees went out of their way to accommodate my rather large order for Vacation Bible School craft supplies. Even helped me carry my purchases to my car in the pouring rain. I will definitely give them my business in the future. Way overpriced for the quality. Crappy parking lot too. Place needs an update. Well organized store.

Very clean and customer service exceeded all expectations. They have held the items I've been hunting for, for up to 24 hrs no question. Definitely will have return business. This pertains to the frame shop- I went in with something of a hard order: a fragile original painting on plywood, that needed to be supported in a protective frame. It was painted up to the edges, so it could not be braced against the frame itself. This proved no problem: the michaels staff constructed a holder for it out of foam core, which supported the painting and also held it in place so that all of it was visible, and none of the painting itself-- which was painted to the edges-- was covered by the frame.

The foam core that the painting is surrounded by is hidden by the frame, so all that's visible is the painting. It looks great. Thanks guys! Service wasn't too great in the frames department, was kept being pushed to order a custom frame which is at least double the cost when a pre-made frame would fit just fine. Had an end cap display of 3doddlers but when I went to purchase it, they told me that they were out of stock. They should at least put a sign up indicating that they were sold out.

Very nice crafts center, just huge. Much more selection than Omer DeSerre. First floor assistant I saw was passing the broom, I stopped her and asked her where Icould find a blendig pen, she had no idea what it was, where I could find one in the store or even if they were selling them Found a second assistant that helped me, walked me to the product, showed me what was offered and helped me decide.

Good location with helpful staff. Found this location to be difficult to find parking.

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It's a great place for many types of crafts. And saves you a lot of time rather than driving to Calgary. The shelves are always well stocked and tidy here. The staff are usually younger at the till and a little timid. The staff in the framing area are usually the ones to ask for any advice. Michael's can be really overpriced, but I can always find neat things in their clearance bins. My girlfriend loves it here.

Seems like there's always something else for her to go find. Very very clean and well organized store! I give 5 stars to Claire! Micheals is so awesome it's like my go to place before we go to winners. It is the best craft store ever! Love love going in here! Always so many neat things in so many different price ranges. Project levels in all age and ability levels also. Only thing missing is inspiration and a dream!

Tons of stuff for almost all of your crafty needs. Very, very, very expensive. If you have the cash, you can do any craft you like. Staff are pleasant and the store is quite clean. Sometimes it's busy but they get you though the cash registers pretty quick. My favorite micheals in my area! The staff is so friendly and helpful, the store is always clean and well organized! Other micheals take note this is the store to beat! The only place in town when it comes to all the latest, greatest craft supplies!

Excellent selection of classes.

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Teachers are certified in their specialities and really know their stuff! But never go without your coupon! I have really bad anxiety and have a hard time in stores; however the staff was super helpful and Serena the cashier was willing to call another store for me to find an item I needed she was very patient and didn't act like I was a pain. PlanWithMichaels is today from pm!

The store close to me filled up quick so I found this location and Im happy to get in! Me and my Happy Planner will be front and center! Friendly staff, if it's busy expect a wait at the register, pretty clean place but if it's christmas time expect the glittery trees and little branches isle to be a mess because people don't know how to clean up after themselves and pick up what they dug up!

Overall not too bad of a place! If you have a problem it usually gets sorted out within 5 minutes! Great selection of craft products. I especially love the holiday selections available in fall and winter. This store has a friendly environment, the selection is great and the employees are knowledgeable. They are always getting new things and keep up-to-date in the popular projects.

I can always ask the employees for ideas and advice too which makes the experience so much better! One stop shop for craft supplies and the like. Hard to leave without buying three or four items. I love Michaels, it's such a great store. I don't have one bad thing to say!

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Great deals on custom framing, especially with their regular coupons. Really great, professional product as well. Good stock, friendly staff. Make sure you have a coupon though. Good selection, but the prices are criminal. Save your money and look around. Overpriced, inventory is not organized. Reps dint know jack about art materials. I called ahead to make sure they had in stock the product I needed a dye.

The employee was kind enough to check availability of different brands and respective prices. The prices for the dyes were the same as online Amazon and I didn't have to wait for delivery. Also, I asked in which isle I could find it.

Mid-Hudson Valley

When I went I was in and out of the store. I liked the service and the prices of fabric dye were fair. Do a quick search of local stores and online then call in advance to make sure you are not overpaying. One of the larger Michaels locations I've been to. They have SO much Christmas stuff. Lots of stuff out of place though, needs to be organized.

I get most of my art supplies from here, and my family gets all sorts of crafting odds n' ends here as well. It's spaciously sized, well organized, well situated, and they always seem to have something new. Overall Michael's is not cheap, but when one watches flyers they do have good deals. Excellent array of yarns and craft specialties. Don't forget the discount for teaching staff. I have a slight craft addiction. Planner addicts unite! The place to go if you need stickers, fancy tape, that certain item for that finishing detail on your next project Is always at Michaels.

Make sure to grab a coupon You will have more than you bargained for. I was desperately seeking numerous odd sized frames for my one year business anniversary. He went over and above the call of duty to ensure that my frames for my prints would be special and meaningful.

When I left the store I was absolutely speechless due to his kindness and thoughtfulness. I am still smiling and wondering how I got to be so blessed by a complete stranger. Kolby, if you see this, I will never forget what you did for me. I walked in there to get stuff for my baby's first birthday party with my fiance and our minds started feeling with ideas. Manquait un peu de personnel aux caisses. I am used to another Michael's store, but I was just beside so had to have a look, once in nobody came and asked if needed help, aisle are without descriptions.

Sorry but sticking with my usual store, you saw me once not sure if will be repeated. It's a nice store with lots of selection but the prices are abhorrent even with their weekly coupon and some of the staff are a little abrupt. This is the cleanest and most organized Michaels I have been in. The staff is always approachable and helpful but they will not approach you, you have to approach them. The checkout line is usually long and sometimes may take awhile but my over all happiness with the store is what makes it worth the wait.

The scrapbooking selection is massive and amazing and now I go for the wide variety of yarn which I have taken to since purchasing my looming tools here. I'm not a big fan of Michael's but when I have to pick up arts and craftsy stuff for kids' school projects then I'll tend to go to this location. It's not too busy and I get the help I need. Line ups to pay are always long for some reason. Customer service is great, but line up took a little longer then expected.

Michaels Newmarket location is the worst. The selection is underwhelming at this location and customer service is non-existent. Most items are overly priced and can be found cheaper at other locations or online. Horrendous customer service. Went in for a price on canvas stretching; waited for 15 minutes before even being acknowledged.

When I was asked what I wanted, was barked at "I'm busy, you'll have to wait". At that point I just walked out in disgust. Sometimes you find a few products in not the best shape but the staff is always friendly and the store is well stocked. I love crafting and Michaels always has something for me in there; from yarn for my crochet projects to small embellishments for holiday ornaments, it can be found at Michaels. The only big craft store in town. Some items can be pricey but others are a great deal.

If you want great quality, it's worth the extra cash. It's hard to find help here sometimes but when you do they really know their stuff. Great arts and craft supplies, prices are fair. I got plain t shirts here and the selection was out of this world! An excellent store, but it's awfully crowded Great staff and great selection of products. Outlet ShoppingStart earning now. Zinburger coupon Entertainment ottawas finest coupon book Coupon Book megadeth guitar hero warrior of rock. Looking for the best golf rates in Ottawa? Gift Items Shop In Delhi. An Ottawa itiner.. Jamatkhana in london Domain.

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