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Was this review helpful? I didn't like working inside but that's because im not comfortable working with food. Loved it! I loved my experience at Romeo's. Was such a fun atmosphere to be in and I hope other people are able to get a first job just as amazing as mine.

Understanding boss, fun workplace. It was a good first job and I learned how to answer phones, help customers work through issues, and how to react in certain instances of mistakes or obstacles. Pizza maker. Good and fun work Environment! I enjoyed my time at Romeo's it was a very fun yet some times fast pace place to work I got many promotions opportunities as well!

Fun, easy going workplace. I really enjoyed working here. Great people to work with, and a lot of responsibility, which doesn't sound fun but they make you feel like you're really needed. And I made my first raise within three months. Do not work here, if it still exists. Sweatshop for me back when I was still in high school. The owner didn't care that I just got off school and had to walk to the restaurant.


I would not recommend this place. Instead of getting paid with tips, they were removed and I only got paid minimum wage. What a joke. Don't do this. Demanding Fast-paced Company. Employees were over worked and under paid Sometimes worked 7 days a week and most Shifts we didnt have breaks unless business was very slow Then District lead came in one day out of the blue and said this was our last day.

All Around Good Environment. Very willing to work around schedules to try and give the best hours. Management is very personable and friendly to the employees and customers. An all around good environment. Positive fun place but not enough hours. I enjoy working there but to many people work there in a very small place. I need more hours or I would never leave this job.

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Overall, it is a great place to work at. Overall, working here was a great time. Until current events, I saw myself working there under my General Manager and eventually becoming his Assistant. When he passed away, those talks of me moving up soon faded away. The soon to be owner did not want to promote me. I was working well over 50 hours as well.

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The management team seems like it can no longer function because our new General Manager has no clue what he is doing because he got promoted with no training. The work environment seems to be very different now. When I started working there, it was the best place to work. Now it is only a great place to work. No paid time off for employees or shift leaders, no raises every three months, no insurance plan for shift leaders, breaks have to be very short.

Easy job with great employees. I worked at Romeo's Pizza for years while I was in high school and this was my first actual job. The managers are pretty nice and won't fire you unless you are really awful at your job. I can still go into Romeo's 3 years later and ask the managers for a job and they would hire my on the spot. Enjoyable people.

Many of the staff members at Romeos were a joy to work with and made the daily tasks of food management easier. The staff was helpful fun and always smiling.

Low Hours, Little Pay. Low hours and slow business causes very little pay for drivers. Always sent home early, sometimes as early as an hour into your shift. Very bad management. Tips are basically nothing. Was a courtesy.