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Almost every smartphone user is becoming a couponer. Real men coupon, too.


Times have changed. Food companies and grocery stores love couponers. Coupons still represent incredibly cheap advertising for food manufacturers, and grocery stores that accept them bank the full face value plus 8 cents handling per coupon redeemed — a valuable source of revenue. Meeting the management can save an extreme couponing relationship. When questions arise over coupon use and store policies, a meeting with the store manager is inevitable. Experienced extreme couponers set the tone by introducing themselves first and establishing a good relationship.

Even cutting-edge extreme couponers eventually streamline their couponing. Experienced couponers let someone else do the hard work. You can attract new coupon offers by abandoning orders in your online shopping cart. Score more coupons by being a supportive fan. You can learn couponing techniques in college. Study the principles of extreme couponing in classes from colleges like Jackson State University.

Your expired coupons can help a military family. Turn your biggest couponing coups into charitable contributions. This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.

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Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content. Sign Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Never Miss a Story. We Recommend. Google is the biggest snoop of all on your computer or cell phone. Geoffrey Fowler, The Washington Post.

8 Ways to Get FREE Sunday Newspaper Coupons!

Christian Hetrick. Pennsylvania and New Jersey love making drunken online purchases, survey shows. Tell us about yours? Ellie Rushing. Republicans pull the bill to greenlight 5G antennas as towns say it would undercut their zoning powers. Bob Fernandez. Fraud claims against Cherry Hill car dealers must be arbitrated, N. If you are serious about saving money with manufacturer coupons, I strongly encourage you to get at least the Sunday paper delivered to your home. Note that a few cities actually deliver the inserts on Saturdays.

Walmart and Target will occasionally have coupon inserts as well, although these tend to be regional. To find the best deals on newspaper delivery in your area, I suggest that you start by plugging your zip code into the Discount Newspaper Finder. But what happens when you want more than one copy of a certain coupon? You may have noticed that often times the best deals require you to have multiple copies of the same coupon. There are several ways to get additional sets of inserts:. The one thing you must NOT do is steal the inserts.

Speaking of which, if you should ever get your Sunday paper and find the inserts missing, give the circulation department a call. They should be more than happy to send out a new copy — usually the following morning. After the newspaper, the next biggest source of coupons for me is the Internet. There are all sorts of sites that host printable coupons, including Coupons.

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So, for example, if you are printing a coupon from Coupons. If you try to do that a third time, it will tell you that you have reached your print limit. Additionally, coupons are coded with a maximum number of total prints. While it might be tempting, you should never ever, ever photocopy a copy — this is actually coupon fraud.

If you want more than two copies of a coupon, you can legally and ethically use a different computer.

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We have three computers at my house and for really good coupons, we print two copies from all three of them! I often get asked what the best browser is for printing coupons. In general, I use Firefox we just upgraded to Firefox 10 — you can too, at this link or Google Chrome.

Did I miss any? If I were to subscribe to several different newspapers for sunday subscriptions, would this be another way to obtain multiple copies of the coupon inserts? However some deliver on different days. And yes, Shimshie — I forgot to mention that, so thanks so much for the reminder to always check the papers to make sure the inserts are there. I was mailed two high-value coupons for free products from participating in the blog at Earth Balance.

They make pareve margarines and mayonnaise among other things. I used the coupons at Whole Foods yesterday.