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We can Help! Helpers who help first responders honored By Shaun Delliskave s. For information about distribution please email circulation mycityjournals. Rack locations are also available on our website. For subscriptions please contact: circulation mycityjournals. This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent of the owner. Yet grief caught former Murray resident Mike Stevens off guard.

After too many sleepless nights caused by responding to numerous traumatic scenes while with the Salt Lake City Fire Department, Stevens found himself facing a loaded revolver—his own hand pointing it toward his head. Nobody would have guessed the Cottonwood High graduate had contemplated suicide. His outgoing demeanor and cheery confidence certainly hide many deep-seated emotions.

Fortunately, Stevens found help, and those helpers were recently honored for their work by the non-profit organization Ten4 Responding. On Nov. First responders are exposed to incidents involving death, gruesome injury, poor decision making, abuse, and suicides. The toll this takes on their mental health can cause depression, anxiety, PTSD and, like Stevens, suicidal thoughts and actions.

The public was invited to nominate a veteran, firefighter,. Adam Balls front row, 3rd, 2nd, 1st from right Photo courtesy Ten4 Responding. He also works as medical director for Murray Fire Department. An Air Force veteran, he served as a team leader for a critical care aeromedical transport team on deployments to Iraq, Germany, and Afghanistan. With a doctorate in psychology, Petersen is a national presenter on first responder mental wellness as well as an instructor at the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy on the subject.

Tarver has a sociology degree. Ten4 Responding is part of Honor, a nonprofit organization. Honor was established July 1, , with the purpose of honoring a veteran every day. The Honor team believes every veteran is worthy of being recognized for their service. Their only criteria for being honored is that a veteran has honorably served their country. They can be living or since passed. Stevens has also reached out to his fellow first responders.

If it helps only one person, then it was worth it.

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Jessica Christenson When Miss Murray , Jessica Christenson, revealed not only the platform for her reign—depression and suicide awareness—she also revealed that she has personally dealt with those issues, and people were surprised with her candor. Her passion behind her H. E Hold On Pain Ends project attracted many to come out to support her. At the Nov. Christenson hosted two events. Her second event was a Hope Walk for Murray City in which people from all backgrounds came to support loved ones who deal with depression or have family members who committed suicide.

I feel strongly that depression needs to be addressed more, so friends and family can better know how to recognize it, address it, and help understand the sickness that their loved ones are dealing with. I wanted to honor the lives that have been lost and have the event be a healing experience for them and their families. A guest speaker shared her experience as a mom who lost her year-old daughter to suicide. The event also included a silent auction with items donated by various Salt Lake area businesses.

I believe it brought a group of people together who could relate to each other, whether they were dealing with depression or dealing with the pain of losing someone. Christenson estimates around people participated in the Hope Walk. Many participants had lost a loved one to suicide and wanted to walk on behalf of them. A large family of 30 people who attended had just lost their son to suicide within a couple months of the event.

They all wore T-shirts with his name on it. With her reign now ended, Christenson intends to continue trying to make a difference in promoting good mental health. Her goal is to con-. Also, she will still share her story of dealing with depression to hopefully impact others and help them through their difficult experiences. It was about a cousin who messaged me wondering what she should do to help her daughter who was dealing with depression.

December, of course, is decoration doomsday for many people who fall off ladders and roofs as they attempt to hang lights and wreaths. He does the yard work for her, cleans the house, and makes sure her son, Nick, gets off to school on time. He even cooks dinner for them. She saw my dad lying on the ground, gasping for air. She ran over to him and asked if he was alright, did he need an ambulance. Kathleen was distraught as they loaded Bridge into the ambulance.

They knew my mom was upset and they were so great at calming her down. The Saturday after the accident, Porter looked out the window and saw three large guys hanging Christmas lights. Then he came in to tell me that the wonderful paramedics who rescued my dad had come over on their own to finish hanging them for him. Well, I started crying when I called my mom, who was at the hospital with my dad, and she started crying. They went way above the call of duty. As children witnessed the frightening scene, a greater tragedy was unfolding inside the house.

The inferno grew to a two-alarm fire as multiple units from Murray and Unified Fire Departments responded. By the time the fire was extinguished, it had claimed the lives of 7-year-old Viewmont student Cassidy Jackson and her grandmother, year-old Lisa Wiley, who was a volunteer at Viewmont. On the day of the event, school went on as usual. Students who saw the fire were unaware of its devastation.

An email was sent home to parents informing them of what had occurred, allowing them to talk with their children at home about what had transpired, thus allowing the parents to help their children process it. The close-knit Viewmont community was devasted but wanted to help the grief-stricken family. She wanted to see if Mountain America would pitch in and give a donation and went to speak with a manager about it.

She said Lisa made the deposits for Subway and was in their branch just about every day. Every employee there knew her and they were all heartbroken. Parents were allowed to keep their children home if desired, and it would be excused. They had many counselors and social workers brought in and offered help to any student or adult in need. Rooms and spaces were set up with colorful tablecloths, plants, flowers, and toys where students could go.

Amy Moore and her dance students raised funds to help foster children. Photo courtesy Theresa Ludlow. A therapy dog also visited the school and provided students with a little extra love and comfort. John Park, who lives near the school and is the administrator of the Murray Citizens Facebook page, pooled money from donors and was able to give a grocery store gift card to all the fire stations that responded to the fire.

Students at Viewmont collected donations to help the family, and soon children from Grant and Liberty Elementary also collected funds. She was always quick to share a hug or a smile with anyone. Whenever other students see someone sitting on the bench, they will be encouraged to ask that student to play and help them feel included. As of Dec. What I have found so interesting and so clear by this tragedy is that we often feel insignificant, but then something like this just shows how much of an impact we actually make. As far as Viewmont goes, it has been amazing to watch the community rally around this tragedy.

We really are a small town disguised as a big city. I was touched by the amount of help Viewmont received. Murray Retrospective By Shaun Delliskave s. Perhaps the most fertile field is the former brownfields in downtown Murray now slated for redevelopment. Perhaps it is the fertile fields that may grow with investing more into the fire and police corps. Regardless, Murray was tilling ground after a long figurative winter. Undeniably, the last large tracts of open farmland are disappearing in Murray.

The increase in residents throughout Murray will surely place more burden on city services. In , Murray FD will take delivery of a new fire engine to replace the aged engine they currently have in the fleet. Also, Murray FD will get a new ambulance next year. This new ambulance will have a crew cab, allowing Murray FD to staff the ambulance with one or two additional personnel. The next big fix coming to downtown will be a new city hall. City hall welcomed some new faces this year and said goodbye to some old friends.

North Temple Salt Lake City skitrucks. Photo courtesy Murray PD. Cox was sworn in as a new city councilman, while Mayor Blair Camp was sworn into a fullterm as Mayor. Critchfield was appointed city attorney after Frank Nakamura retired. Murray Fire Chief Gil Rodriguez retired as well. We have completed the majority of recommendations from the old plan. The new master plan will give us direction in future planning of parks and facilities from Murray residents, facility users, and elected officials.

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The plan will include an assessment of needed improvements, additional facilities, and parks to best serve Murray citizens. The Public Works Department has been able to complete numerous water, sewer, stormwater, sidewalk and roadway projects throughout the City. We have had numerous commercial and residential projects submitted for review and approvals and many other projects that were continued from It creates a problem for our police because being homeless is not a crime. So how do we deal compassionately with them?

However, we have also seen an increase in crime in the area of South and the Jordan River. Operation Rio Grande has created problems for communities throughout the valley—from the University of Utah to Herriman. Murray Police Chief Craig Burnett will be seeking to get the community more involved with the homeless. There are resources and programs that we will be working with to provide the necessary services to help the homeless as well as the residents and businesses that feel the impact.

However, we had five meetings that were very well attended by respectful, concerned and caring citizens. However, because of recent tax increases, we are looking forward to receiving additional funding that will help us complete additional infrastructure projects in and beyond.

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The Wasatch Front Regional Council, as well as other organizations, call out for increased density as a way to alleviate the problem. Density brings its own set of problems though, and how we deal with that will be the challenge. The technology is still considered experimental. Murray Library also received approval for a tax increase.

The extra funds are primarily being spent to improve our collections, providing access to even more materials that our patrons value. We are also looking forward to the coming opportunity to build a new library that will allow us to provide better programs, more community space, and state-of-the-art technology to our patrons. The Murray Chamber celebrated over A new report has just been released which reveals 7 costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home, and a 9-Step System that can help you sell your home fast and for the most amount of money.

Get your free special report NOW to find out how you can get the most money for your home. Private citizen Kathleen Stanford blocked the city and developers from tearing down the structures through a successful lawsuit. State St. It will be the home for institutes that train health care leaders seeking to transform the way health care is provided in the United States and around the world, achieving the highest clinical quality at the lowest sustainable cost. This center will continue to reflect how Murray City is setting the standard for health care in Utah and the world.

She is so full of energy and ideas. She has great programs at the center and she makes everyone feel welcome and included. Her program to help feed school children on the weekend, when they might not otherwise have enough to eat, has been very successful. This is Lunch Madness. We started by selecting one restaurant to represent each city in the Salt Lake Valley, using. First and foremost, it had to be a locally owned and operated restaurant. Second, we wanted to have a diverse tournament so we selected a broad range of types of restaurants.

Voting will begin the week of January As with regular voting, we encourage all participants to be informed voters. Find a favorite, then help vote them on through the tournament. Voting will take place on the City Journals Facebook page. All our work is Guaranteed. We only use top quality paint products, and mix it with our top quality work.

Salty Dinner Theater Review (The Emperor’s New Clothes) in Salt Lake City, Utah

From former residents singing in award-winning movies to current residents fighting to save a piece of history, was one to remember. Iman Ibrahim, a student at the Academy of Math, Engineering and Science, was a student leader at the national walk-out day in March. She planned a week of empowerment to help her classmates learn to stand up for their beliefs. Murray High and University of Utah basketball player David Collette battles for rebounding position last season. U of U Athletics. For the second time in a year, a team from the Murray Fire Department was deployed to Southern California to help battle the wildland fires.

Photo courtesy Murray Fire Department. Photo courtesy Brady Allred. Easton Brinton was the Spartans No. Mike Adams. A resident near the Costello farm is representative of a bygone era. The Costello farm at West Bullion was rezoned for low-density residential in February. Schwab was one of 16 students and teachers honored by the Murray Chamber of Commerce in May. Schwab was a 4. Cottonwood High School. Thanks for supporting us since Ask us about all your pre-planning needs. These resolutions are similar to what school officials say students should look at for setting their goals toward leading balanced lives.

It needs to recuperate. At a recent Granite School District parent liaison meeting sponsored by the Utah Parent Center, mindfulness handouts were distributed, with examples of how to breathe deeply, stretch and relax. Doing activities with friends, such as playing basketball, develops strong relationships and skills in teamwork, which contribute toward balanced lives for students.

Stress Less meets twice each month and is open to anyone who wants to attend and learn about coping skills through activities and speakers. In January, he plans to kick off new ideas, whether it be addressing learning to cope through exercise, meditation, music or other ways. Gillett agrees that personal positive relationships are a key. Put away the device. They should look at what they want to achieve the end of this school year and where they see their future.

Corner Canyon student body president Warnock agrees. Jolley suggests students decide what is important and then set time to accomplish those priorities. They may need to ask for help. However, other students may need to become more involved in activities that are meaningful to them or even get a part-time job, she added. Jolley said that through various high school and community involvement, students are learning essential life-long skills. She was armed with a bag full of Halloween candy, which was donated by the school children.

The candy was given to the America First Title Company, who contributed by paying its shipping to Operation Gratitude, located north of L. Operation Gratitude then will deliver the candy with care packages to the military. They are pictured above with America First Title Company representatives with their 16 bags of candy donations. Photo courtesy of Grant Elementary. From Superintendent Jennifer Covington It is my sincere hope that our students, families, and employees were able to enjoy some time away with family and friends over the holiday break.

In education, it can sometimes feel like the year starts when students return in August. However, changing the calendar to a new year gives us another opportunity to reflect and look at what we have accomplished and what is ahead. We want our schools to be places that inspire, engage, educate, and empower our students. As such, we need to ensure that our instructional programs remain strong and that student achievement is at the forefront. Our schools have been working diligently to assess student achievement data and meet together in Professional Learning Communities.

We want to make sure we are helping every student achieve. We look forward to the Utah State Board of Education releasing the revised school report cards. We are proud of the effort that has been made to provide all students in grades with access to technology devices for increased personalized learning. Our technology coaches continue to provide training opportunities for our teachers to help them implement unique, highly focused learning paths for students with these devices. We look forward to having a device for each of our students in grades K-2 beginning next school year.

Finally, in this current climate, student and staff safety continues to be a top priority for us. This is made possible with a supportive community helping us make certain that students are safe as they travel to and from school and in our community. This effort can be aided by looking out for students as they board school buses, and watching for student pedestrians and bicyclists as they travel in early morning and late evening hours. We also know that winter weather presents unique challenges, so we encourage you to take extra precautions to look out for students traveling to and from school when winter weather conditions make travel difficult.

We look forward to continuing to make our schools places that inspire, engage, educate, and empower our students. I hope your New Year is filled with joy as we work together to serve your students. School begins again Jan. Teacher Work Day Jan. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences. School Community Councils are comprised of parents and school employees. Together, they review school data, identify school needs, establish school goals, allocate trust funds towards accomplishing those goals, and monitor the progress of the current year plan.

They may also provide input and feedback on school and district programs.

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We appreciate the service of our SCC members and sincerely thank them for their time. Bold denotes school and principal; all others in alphabetical order. March 8 Fri. Spring Break May 27 Mon. Memorial Day holiday June 5, Wed. Please be aware that the Murray Board of Education reserves the right to alter or amend this calendar as may be necessitated by unforeseen events. Teacher and employee contract negotiations may also impact some dates.

Year-long thanks to our awesome PTA members and leaders! Without these dedicated volunteers, our students would be missing many wonderful opportunities that they provide. Laura Baker was an outstanding community leader and longtime Murray Board of Education member. Her advocacy on behalf of education and students in the Murray City School District was widely respected and continues on in the wonderful legacy of The Laura Baker Professional Learning Grant.

Grant awardees are pictured with Dr.

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Maurice Baker, husband of former Board member Laura Baker. Chela Gale Treasurer Bridgette Stowell Secretary Jeannette Bowen Event Chair Jodi Mismash Reflections Cheree Larson Natalie Thackeray Spelling Bee Laurel Fetzer Superintendent Jennifer Covington Principal Representative Jill Burnside Public Relations We appreciate the generosity of patrons and businesses who have donated a variety of services and products so kindly to the students and schools of Murray. A continental breakfast is served to students and their guardians, and then they are escorted to the store in a caravan by the Murray Fire and Police Departments.

Winners receive a gift basket from the owner of the restaurant, a classroom visit by Cow, and gift certificates to the kids in the class for free nuggets. Grant Elementary. With a new year comes new opportunities to seize, new challenges to conquer, and new relationships to foster. Maintaining a sense of community in the center of a rapidly growing metropolitan center will continue to be a challenge. But with that challenge comes exciting opportunities to welcome and manage growth, in the forms of both development and redevelopment.

While there is so much emphasis on high-density housing all around us to help alleviate the current housing shortage, I am pleased that we have a number of new single-family homes being constructed in Murray City in low-density zones. I believe it is. State Street appropriate balance. Murray, Utah It is also exciting to note the progress in the development of our new downtown city center area west of State Street between South and Vine Street.

The city has cleared additional structures in this area in preparation of site work and for our new city hall. We have selected an architect and contractor for the new city hall in anticipation of the construction of the building to begin early in I am excited that we will be rolling out the conceptual plans for this area to the public this year. We are excited that this currently underutilized part of Murray will soon be thriving and vibrant.

Fitness Equipment 3 lane track, Cybex selectorized, plate loaded, cable equipment and free weights. Complete cardio area including: treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, total body trainers and rowing machines, and state of the art Expresso Bikes, eSpinner bike, and AMT adaptive motion trainer. Family Leisure pool: With bubble jet couch, zero depth entrance, children play area, water slide and current river. Friday Nights Jan. Murray Park Ave. Deadline: December 21, Teams will Play 14 games.

Murray City provides the softballs. We use different size softballs for women and men. No Composite, multi or double wall bats allowed. We are offering 2 fun leagues. All members present must kick in the order provided. A total of 9 games will be played followed by a post season tournament.

The league will use a 8. Form a team and join the hottest league in town. This is a coed league. Every team must have at least 2 women playing. Teams with the most runs wins the game. This is a 6 week league with post season tournament. He was suspended from his job at L.

Bird High School in Chesterfield County, and an investigation was launched.

Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Daniel Morley, a school resource officer at L. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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