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Did you know Starbucks recently collaborated with Precious Moments to create this adorable barista couple set?

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This pair of Starbucks x Precious Moments Baristas will make the perfect Christmas gift for coffee lovers. Feeling hungry? Going solo? You still can enjoy your favourite handcrafted beverages from Starbucks any size at a dollar off with this coupon. All coupons above are valid for use till 16 December at all Starbucks stores islandwide, except Changi Airport ones. Do subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter , like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!


Please try again. Check your inbox to confirm. I have a different experience than the previous poster — birthday perks I get from other companies give are mostly good during my birthday month. Not the first drawback to a close-to-a-holiday birthday. It does seem a bit stingy. Even 48 hours would be nice r.

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What other companies give you birthday perks good during your entire birthday month? They are all good for a month.

And when you have a Gold Card at Starbucks and purchase frequently, it is a good deal for Bucks. It feels like a bait-and-switch To originally advertise and offer a day window for your bday reward and then whittle it down to the day of. It is hard to prioritize going in to a Starbucks to claim your free drink over spending time with family.

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Especially one that is making A LOT of profit. And no one should have to change their official bday so that they can receive their reward.

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  • Perk Up! FREE Starbucks Handcrafted Drink or Food Item on Your Birthday.
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Yes, Jesse, you have a valid point. At least they offer a free drink versus none. How many of us, whether distance, birthday date holiday, schedules, etc, will actually take the time to show up to a Starbucks on our birthday? By limiting gift redemption to one day, the statistics play out that Starbucks will pour less free drinks annually. Retention, whether employees or customers, is critical to success, but clearly Starbucks is focused on other things than customer retention.

Starbucks Ends Free Drink Coupon: Now $4 Off Your Next Purchase. -

I remember getting alerts via the app telling me I had my birthday item available. I too remember it being a lot longer than it is now. I guess I missed that it changed last year to only being able to redeem the day of your birthday. Well, my birthday was this past Saturday and I never received a reminder via the app.


I waited and waited for my reminder and never got it. Way to go Starbucks. Why even bother offering it. I guess they think they would encourage people to come in at times they are not used to, and then the customer becomes an even more regular customer. Yes, my birthday was Columbus Day weekend and I was away.

No Starbucks within miles. It would have been nice to have at least a 48 hour window. I have been a customer for a long time and do have a feeling of bait and switch being pulled on me. I am a regular customer but my birthday tends to be the day I am least likely to go to Starbucks!

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Submit a Photo or Tip. My Starbucks Rewards. Melody , May 18, 21 2 min read. Starbucks Test Products. Cold Brew , Espresso Beverages. Related posts. International Markets , My Starbucks Rewards.

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Janyne Kizer This is a problem for me unless they plan to keep all area store open on Christmas. Tracy Me too. Anand Narayanan Glad to know this info. Happy birthday! Ann Miner I have a different experience than the previous poster — birthday perks I get from other companies give are mostly good during my birthday month.