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Did somebody solve the problem? I've got the Tifa's Booteg Mod , but I don't think that this is responsible. Sorry if im late but here what u have to do You have to stand at a bit of an odd angle to talk to the guy. Hold both the right and up arrow buttons and mash circle or whatever your confirm button is if you changed it and you should talk to him eventually. Or uninstall and reinstall. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Jul, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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In the bar, there's a woman in the bathroom who's having severe digestion problems. Go to the restaurant, get any of the meals but you must respond positively, and you'll get a pharmacy coupon. If not, you'll have to dish out another 70 gil to sit down and eat again. Head to the pharmacy and exchange the ticket for a digestive medicine, a disinfectant or deodorant. Take whichever one you've chosen back to the bar, and the woman will give you a cologne.

The best one is the Sexy Cologne. Go up the rightmost path on the lower screen, past the man with the big cooking pot. The man in the store wants to know what's in the inn's vending machine, but can't check it out himself because he's been banned. Go to the inn and pay for the night. Get one of the items from the vending machine and take it back to the man.

Depending on which item you purchased, he'll give you a different tiara. The best one is the Diamond Tiara. Talk to the indecisive man pacing on the lowermost Wall Market. He will give his Membership Card to the Honeybee Manor. You'll get a glimpse of foreshadowing with President Shinra, and also get your first peek at Cait Sith. Examine the upper-left door and pick the top option twice. Inside, talk to the ghostly Cloud near the stone tub and Cloud will have a psychotic episode.

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Talk to him and choose the bottom option. Then talk to the girl and you'll get the Lingerie. Before leaving, get the Makeup from one of the girls in the top-most room. Go to the clothes shop and change clothes.

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Head all the way up the path to Corneo's place and the guard outside will let you and Aeris in. Head upstairs and through the open door, where you'll meet Tifa again, who explains what's going on.

Achievement Guide for Consummate Cross-dresser

Pick up an Ether behind Tifa. After some discussion, Corneo's lackey comes and asks you to show up in his room. Corneo will pick one of the three girls depending on what items Cloud has dressed up in. If Corneo picks Tifa or Aeris, Cloud ends up in a room with some drooling men. He takes off the dress, and they attack you.

There's a Phoenix Down in the room too. If Corneo picks Cloud and you need the above items to do this , the whole thing is a little bit shorter. Remember to steal the Phoenix Down in the lackeys' room if Cloud isn't selected, as well as the Hyper behind Corneo's bed. Either way, Cloud, Aeris and Tifa intimidate Corneo and learn of a terrifying plan to destroy Sector 7.

Just as you're about to leave, he keeps talking to stall while his trap gets set up correctly, then sends the heroes down to the sewers with a flick of a switch. After the cutscene you splash down in the sewers. Talk to Tifa and Aeris to wake them up, but before you wake up the other one, be sure to check your healing and materia if necessary. Also, make note of Wall Market's save point just down from the materia shop.

Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Part 1

It's a good idea to save in between getting each item, so that if you screw up, you can reload your game without having to retrace too many steps. You should collect the following if you want Cloud to be chosen by the Don: Silk Dress After talking to the clerk in the tailor's store, find the tailor himself in the bar. When Aeris is talking to him, select the following options:.

Go back to the tailor's shop afterwards, and you will receive the Silk Dress. Note that this must be the first item you get-- all the other items can be obtained afterward, and in any order that you like.

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Blonde Wig You can get a wig from Big Bro at the gym. To get the Blonde Wig, simply beat the bodybuilder in squats. With some practice, this should be fairly easy. After the competition ends, if you are the winner, you will receive the Blonde Wig. Diamond Tiara Talk to the man in the materia shop, and agree to go to the inn. Stay at the inn for 10 gil , and buy the item in the vending machine that costs gil.