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In some cases discounts are offered, and in others patients can sign up to receive free gifts and samples of products that may be useful for them. Their goal is to ease the journey for women with cancer. Relieve financial stress with the FLAG Program, a viatical alternative that uses your life insurance for a cash advance. Blog Cancer Support. Self Someone Else. Yes No. The charity is for people who are ill, in care or recovery - to connect with the friends and families they'd like to have around them.

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No more grapes is a free to use website. A share of the profits made through the shop is donated to like-minded charities, which help people through illness. Log in Enter your details to access your Maggie's fundraising profile. Email Password. Living with cancer. Being told you have cancer. Questions to ask. Introduction to treatment. Deciding on treatment. Types of treatment.

Side effects of treatment.

Clinical trials. Questions about treatments for cancer. Talking about cancer. Talking to children about cancer.

Managing emotions. Personal relationships. Spiritual support. Relaxation exercises. Managing stress. Self image. Creative therapies. Gifts, treats and experiences. Money, work and travel. Financial help.

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Employment advice. Travel and cancer. Driving and cancer. Practical matters. Cancer blogs. Information in languages other than English. Symptoms and treatment. Fatigue, exercise and rest. Hair loss. Diet and nutrition. Complementary therapies. Cancer treatment and fertility. Menopausal symptoms. Cancer and infections.

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Peripheral neuropathy. Bruising or bleeding. Skin side effects. Gastrointestinal side effects. Discharge from hospital. Care at home.

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Palliative care services. Weight gain management. After treatment has finished. Getting back to daily living. Questions to ask after treatment. Symptoms to tell your doctor about. If cancer comes back. Living with advanced cancer. End of life care. Wills and digital legacies. Ellie's Friends. Link last reviewed: Thursday 15 February The Willow Foundation.

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Dementia Adventure. Link last reviewed: Friday 29 March National organisation. A national charity that provides special days for seriously ill year olds. Dementia adventure. Paul's Fund. Live better with cancer. Link last reviewed: Thursday 22 February International organisation. Unauthorized use of our trademark or copyrighted materials carry significant statutory penalties. We understand that humor is one key to survival. Leanna to provide FREE brand-new [ Wishing for Mommy A nonprofit organization based out of Arizona, the Wishing for Mommy initiative aims to empower children in being able to write out their feelings while they are experiencing a [typically] difficult time within their household.

The Lydia Project Lydia totes and services are always free of charge to any woman anywhere who [ Dolphins Plus Dolphins Plus offers any guest battling cancer a complimentary dolphin encounter free from the stress of doctors, medications, and thoughts of illness. Our programs are a unique opportunity to interact with our marine mammal friends in an exhilarating, unforgettable, and intimate experience.