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So if I print out the same coupon from different sites, can I still print them out on the same computer? Just to clarify, the limit is 2 of the same coupons on one computer? It would depend on the printing limits of each coupon. Some coupons have a limit of one print per device. Hope that helps!

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Plus, all of these items…. Browse through more than…. Start Here Contact. More Online Deals. Coupons Coupons. More Coupons. All Store Deals. Where to Get Insert Coupons One of the very first steps to couponing is to collect inserts from Sunday newspapers.

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Keep in mind that there are NO insert coupons on holiday weekends. Printable Coupons If you have a printer, you can get started right away on deals that only use printable coupons , or mobile coupons, or no coupons. If not, go Sunday morning , and pick up two newspapers. Double check that there are inserts in the newspaper stack before purchasing.

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Got a question? Get the book! It should come tomorrow from Amazon. Keep in mind.. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Insert Schedule Coupons. Google search for coupons on sale items you will be buying. Never head to the mall or a department store without first searching the internet or newspaper ads for coupons.

I am a newspaper carrier and I always have extras and wrinkled, undeliverable papers. Leah , I would love the inserts if you dont use them. I can send postage. Thank you! The coupon insert in my paper is the SmartSource. Leah , i would love to have your left over inserts…i will gladly pay postage! Am I off base here or is this a valid concern?

I think dumpster diving is okay with garbage.. But to take the paper that was to be recycled, the first thought in my head was stealing.

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  4. There are free community newspapers in my area which have the inserts. I get one copy delivered to my house. Stacks of papers are available at libraries these usually get taken quickly , local government buildings, civic centers, stores, and restaurants. So, On Sundays we usually stop at the gas station 2 or 3 times on our way to and from church, and get papers! Rachelle , thats nice.. Dumpster diving in recycling or regular dumpsters can be illegal. I am a contract worker for our local paper, so I get the Sunday paper at a greatly reduced rate. Other than that, yes, check local laws.

    Thanks for writing this article Crystal! Now I will try some of your suggestions and those given above. Where I am, the Sunday subscription paper only carries the Smart Source.

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    On paper day, I do all of my errands in that town. Also go through the garbage by the PO Boxes. Most people throw them away. In our area—as in most areas—you are allowed to dumpster dive. BOGO meals at a hip new Italian eatery? Yes, thank you! Susan , Oh Susan! I, too get the daily paper and find lots of extra bargains throughout the week. Susan , Me, too! I remember once a Sunday in Amarillo in which we went from store to store trying to find one….

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    I agree that there are so many deals to be found in the daily paper. It saddens me that people think of newspapers as a waste of money. I save a lot more than than with the coupons I use. Watch for sign up specials or ask your newspaper for a lower rate. Happy Couponing! Kathryn , I agree, buying from a clipping service can be a tremendous bargain. Like you, I purchase large quantities of high-value coupons for things that we regularly buy. Good coupons are hard to come by where we live. The nearest recycling center is 10 miles away and they do not allow you to sift through and take the recyclables.

    So I love how quick and easy it is to order coupons from a clipping service for only a tiny fraction of the amount of money I will save. The stores around me are great for special orders too. It makes it very easy when they have enough there and you just show up with your coupons from the mail! So I love the idea about being friends with a newspaper carrier.

    Being a broke college student, I told him about the coupon and he gave me like 20 USA Today papers with that free sandwich coupon. If you live near a predominantly Spanish speaking neighborhood, some of the Spanish papers carry coupons. We asked the members of our church to bring in any unwanted coupons. Anybody who wants to, can take the coupons. Works great! Combined with internet printables from two computers, I am well supplied with all the coupons I need! Except for toilet paper…. I would love to get inserts without having to purchase the paper.

    I would say look for the free La Voz papers. Oh, and a couple at Bradley Middle School as well. Check the parking lot at your local school, or google these locations. From what I have read, there is an excess of paper to be recycled in the U. My user name is Miss32ACT. Does anyone else have trouble printing off coupons??? I even bought a cheapy printer because I thought maybe it was my printers fault. I disabled antivirus. Any good advice??

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    What operating system are you using Windows XP, Vista, etc? And, which browser are you using Internet Explore, Firefox, etc? Two questions:. Are you using an account on your computer that is limited in some way, i. Doreen , I am not using a limited account. I am bewildered. When i was on bedrest, pregnant with triplets, I wrote a form letter and sent it to about 30 companies.

    I sent a copy of a letter from my doc saying I was having multiples. I got a ton of freebies, coupons, and ect.

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    Even if you are not having multiples, it might be worth a try if you have the time. Hope this help,. There are very few places that carry the Raliegh News and Observer near me, but we have found a few. One place is Dunkin Donuts. I have also started trading coupons with some other moms that coupon. My mom sends me some and my grandma saves her inserts for me.