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The largest selection of Designer 2 for 1 frames in the country

At Lenscrafters with purchase of frame. Ask us about our new myopia control contact lenses for your child. With our latest advanced technology OCT Machine. Mi Sight 1 day. An eyelid cleaning procedure to help maintain clean and healthy lids.

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Learn more about out Eye Exam Calgary. We Direct Bill Insurance Companies. Our optometrists in Calgary NW help you find the contact lens that best suits your lifestyle. Our optometrists in Calgary evaluate any vision changes in seniors to help diagnose diseases. Our optometrists in Calgary help treat this new condition preventing vision-related changes. Invalid application ID. Another option is to buy from an eyeglass website.

The selection probably will be great, and so will the prices. But there also can be downsides to buying online. You're taking a chance if you buy frames without having tried them on to see how they look and fit.

This risk increases if you order lenses along with your frames, especially if you have a complex prescription. And if your frames need adjusting, it can be difficult to find a local professional willing to do it, at least at no charge. These retailers got high satisfaction scores from our members and top marks for the fitting of frames and lenses and employee knowledge. They also received top ratings for follow-up service, although Costco did as well.

The Best in Optical Calgary - Glenmore Landing Vision Center

Another option is to buy from Warby Parker, which sells eyeglasses online and in walk-in stores, which also provide eye exams. If you have a more complicated prescription that requires, for example, multifocal lenses, things can get pretty expensive. And Warby sells only its own brand of frames. So you won't find those designer glasses you want after seeing them at a pricey eyeglass store.

Where and how you should shop depends on your preferences and needs. If you're not picky about frames, a discount store may be right for you.

If money is no issue, your eye doctor or an independent eyeglass store may be your best choice. Get Educated Start by going to eyeglass websites such as Eyeglasses. Knowing something about the types of frames, lenses, and coatings can help you understand your options and sense whether a store or website is trying to sell you more than you need.

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You might even upload a photo of yourself and use the virtual try-on feature on some sites to get an initial idea of which frames look best on you although you still should always try on a frame in the real world before buying it. For example, a narrow frame may not be able to accommodate your prescription if you need progressives or other multifocal lenses. And rimless and semirimless frames may be a bad choice if you have a strong prescription that requires thicker lenses.

Also discuss add-ons, such as anti-glare coatings. Ask the sale staff for advice about what works best for you. If your examination is at Costco or another discount store and you find a frame you like, you may not need to look any further. A Warby Parker store may be another one-stop option, especially if you need only single-vision lenses, which are included in the prices of the frames. Search the web with the brand and model number of your top picks. Once you have your best price, go back to the walk-in shop where you initially saw the frames and find out whether it can meet or at least come close to your top deal.

And keep in mind that buying your glasses at a walk-in store makes it easier to return them if there's a problem. And you'll be able to get that after-purchase care that a website can't provide, such as frame adjustments. So it may be worth paying somewhat more. If you decide to buy online, you might think twice about adding lenses to your frame order, especially if you have a complex prescription. One option is to purchase the frames and have the prescription filled at a local discount store. If you think your post needs an exemption, contact the moderators FIRST via modmail for approval at their discretion first.

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