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World of Speed Motorsports Museum has brought back a popular early exhibit for a special limited run. The Scarab Formula 1 car was a big hit when first displayed, and this time we also have its stable mate, the Scarab MK1 Tribute car. Mario Andretti: Racing Royalty will be opening March The Harley-Davidson exhibit will be on display for a year through November Meet the women of drag racing, whose cars and motorcycles have been roaring down the drag strip from the beginning.

See their trophies, awards, photos, and the other artifacts and memorabilia that tell their stories. Every year, the Women in Racing exhibit will highlight a new group of women — whether local or national racers, and across classes and sports — and their impact on and off the track.

NHRA Northwest Division news: Woodburn Dragstrip Season Opener set for May

Nearby, check out Suits Up! Take in the rich history of speed, from the very first land-speed record to the daredevils pushing the limits today. Walk along the boardwalk and take in record-breaking moments in motorcycles and automobiles over the decades, and see the impact of land-speed courses like the famous Bonneville Salt Flats.

Unique one-of-a-kind scale models and period-proper toy cars show the evolution of land-speed vehicles, and books, photos, programs, and other memorabilia of the time show the impact they had on culture. Motion-detecting speakers let you watch and listen to music videos that span decades. Radios, televisions, record players, and 8-track players that brought racing into the home and music into the car are at your fingertips to explore.

Album covers celebrating the sounds of racing, bands that brought car culture to the masses, and the soundtracks of classic racing movies blanket the entire display wall. From the original partnership and the very first race in to Woodburn Dragstrip's current owners and events, this exhibit has it all. Learn about the racers and races that helped to establish this track as a Northwest icon.

See pictures from the past and the present as well as old-time slips, trophies, winner jackets, and the very Christmas Tree that started so many of the great races. Find out all about the racers, clubs, and cars that put the Pacific Northwest on the map. Learn about the first local car clubs, such as the Slo Poks and Ramblers, and the construction of the first local drag strips, like Madras and Shelton.

See dragsters of all kinds from mid-century to the present day, alongside stories of the cars and drivers that brought ingenuity and creativity to racing and got crowds flocking to the strip. See some of the best racing boats the Northwest has to offer. Museum Store. Grab N' Go Cafe. Gift Certificates. Exhibits Exhibits. Featured Exhibits. Interactive Exhibits. Events Events Calendar. Adam Carolla Car Show. Event Space Rental. Three events in the last four weekends, planes, big rigs, MPH funny cars and July is just about "toast"!

First stop was Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for an employee meet and greet and plant tour. The Power Solutions group, Optima, NAPA Batteries, among several other majors worldwide represents a small part of the impressive technological and ecologically friendly missions they're dedicated to achieve.

European based OEM car parts, massive climate control systems, some geothermal -these folks build some cool stuff. We ran well and went a round in each show, but after qualifying 2 in possibly the stoutest field of , we had better in mind. Division 7 won it's first ever Jeg's team overall championship and the trophy and bragging rights are on tour with the West Coast gang. Two separate national weather service storms; wind, rain, and lightning that Hollywood would struggle to upstage kept it "interesting".

It was cool to team up with Capps and Nobile to communicate NAPA's Fallen Heroes fundraising and awareness efforts-the campaign and cause were very well received. With the help of the Livingston Family, LuAnn booked the front row spot, the paddock area, and the tower suite to host our Sunday group of We qualified fine but bowed in first round by a hundredth. Being a glass half full kind of fellow, this gave us the rest of Sunday to enjoy visiting with some fantastic people. Spot one gave us a ringside seat for the semi and final rounds, still a very successful outing.

We intend to win every race we enter, but regardless of the outcome we will work to ensure that all of our guests feel welcomed and appreciated. We signed more handouts and posters than at most national events, this was a really nice hit for a divisional. I believe LuAnn has event photos on our site. Monday we serviced that motor and clutch, broke down the circus and headed to Sonoma.

Our NAPA contingent sent 75 to mix it up with our friends and family. Funny how easy it is to get folks to Vegas or California's wine country We qualified 3 with the most consistent car on the property, making the first five attempts without a blip on the radar.

Woodburn I-5 Interchange

Our 5. The Whiteley car got really mean and serious in the semis with a 5.

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We thoroughly believe that going to the final represents a lot of hard work, winning it is certainly a bonus. No long faces if it doesn't go your way, drag racing delivers enough of those days. We found a rhythm there that will help us in upcoming contests. Racing or marketing, and hopefully going some rounds , we'll do our best for the support you have committed. Listen to Audio - Click Here. The team looks forward to giving them a warm welcome and great race experience. Thanks for having us aboard! These efforts are funded entirely with donations from the public; hundreds of thousands of individuals have contributed.

The entire Lombardo Racing team is honored to display such a patriotic scheme and is proud to represent this very important cause. John Lombardo Jr. This event is scheduled to take place June 26th between 11 a. After leaving Las Vegas with two black eyes and a bloody lip, Houston was a significant and welcomed improvement.


Our second round result won't warrant any cartwheels, but we're close. It feels like we're paying our dues, getting all of the little things heading the right direction in this fairly new program. We made two qualifying passes Friday, both before the two fuel pro sessions. We shook in low gear on both hits, but recovered for 6th going into the last one Saturday.

Now it's one more shot, then the fuel cars, and first round. The reason I keep bringing up the nitro powered cars is twofold- the cars lay down big time rubber and NHRA understandably prepares the track in a far different manner around these sessions. You could leave your car alone, keep lining up for the runs and it will change incredibly.

Sometimes you wonder if that's what you should do Anyway, we're close to making it so we continue to "tinker" with the power and clutch, but shake again in Q3 and end up 8th. We'll line up with Texan Steve Burck for first round and the right to run on Sunday. One more fuel session, the track continues to improve and we pour the coals to it. We go 5. Sunday brings more challenges.

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Because of our soft qualifying spot we draw Tony Bartone for round two, one of the guys you hope to see towards the final. Bartone and Jackson had run as quick as 5. It wasn't there, we had gone past the window. We both shook again in low but their car recovered earlier and nicked us by 8 hundredths. Houston was just plain tricky for us.

The air was pretty good, the racing surface had some teeth, but water grains over may have narrowed our tuning window. Bartone killed the field in qualifying but never made a good run in eliminations. Jay Payne couldn't find the combo in qualifying but got it together in eliminations and brought the Wally home to California.

We made five functional runs and had a car to go low e. We're right there with some of the best cars in the country, we just need to execute. I'm proud to report that Pro Series Starters and Alternators and Lombardo Racing will be working together for the remainder of the season! Pro Series and Lombardo Racing teamed up for the and Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series campaigns; earning a Division 7 Championship, three overall wins, two Jeg's Allstars titles, and a sixth place national finish.

We've raced together from Pomona to Seattle, Indy to Dallas, and many places between. We've worked store displays, NAPA meetings, military bases, car shows, and cruise nights. We've enjoyed collaborating and implementing effective sales promotions with Rick Mochulsky, Cecilia Escalera, and the rest of their talented team. Please visit Lombardoracing. Be sure to sign up on our fan page for all the latest news from the Lombardo team. All the best, John Lombardo Jr. Having worked for the Lombardo Family off and on for the last 40 years, I have always been close enough to get dirty but not in the direct line of fire.

So when I was asked to help out on a little trailer maintenance in , I jumped in with both feet. A day before the rig was to leave for Gainesville, Florida a shortage of crew members that could attend arose, so I found myself in the shotgun seat bouncing down the highway with John. Now we have lots of history together as we were first introduced when John was about 10 years old visiting his dad in LA on summer vacation. That led to numerous employments nepotism over the next 20 years as we were deep into the Auto Parts Business in those days.

So we got right to discussing the TAFC plans and challenges. With a different car and 3 new crew members plus the addition of a hospitality area with a hospitality director Luann Bishop things were really going to be different this year. After 5 hours of making to do lists and wishful thinking lists we settled into the I10 east bound looking for that overnight stop in Deming, New Mexico. After a 5 hour stop over outside of Dallas for a little Trailer upgrade at Competition Trailers it was back onto I20 next stop Gainesville.

Having done a little bit of this tour thing in my younger days I was struck by how much the road trip has changed you no longer have the luxury of stopping where ever you want and seeing whatever u want, the rig is too big and to awkward to u turn or pull over just anywhere, leaving those "truck stops" as the place to look forward to.

So here we are sitting in the Sportsman Parking staging lanes Gainesville waiting our turn to the Sportsman Land. To say nothing is recognizable is an understatement my last trip here was in with the Ram chargers Nitro FC that we stuffed in a drainage ditch at the end of the race track when the driver try to slide it around the corner resulting in all night thrash with parts flown in from Detroit.

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Finally we are parked. It's now PM truck washers have finally finished we can now do a quick hand wipe down and we will be good to go to the Jacksonville Airport to pick up the Crew that got rerouted due to weather. Thursday Breakfast its almost AM some small talk with the crew then off to the track, today is a once over of the car from top to bottom having just come from Phoenix and winning the Regional Race. One of my Best friends Bob Brandt and one of my x Employers were being inducted into the hall of fame, so after a hour of socializing the ceremony is on.

It's quite remarkable that after all this time DP is humble and actually seems to appreciate all that Bob did to help him win so many championships. As the ceremony ends I work my way thru the crowd to the long line waiting for autographs from none other than "Fast Eddie" Schartman. Schartman was my first exposure to what Money and the best that money could buy was all about, we had the rig of the day and all the SOHC parts we wanted or needed in the best possible condition, attention to detail didn't stop at the car, weekly manicures were required, you needed to look and act professionally at all times.

Its Friday morning time for action, Jeff reaches into his Tune up bag dials in a 5. Into that tune up bag Jeff goes again this time the outcome is a 5. What is so noticeable these days is the attention to detail especially the valve train parts on a TAFC. Being the newest and oldest of the crew I get the oil dripping bottom end job and now the computer in the trailer has just crashed so I am drafted for that job too.

It's Saturday we draw the Hool brothers first round who just happen to be pitted right next to us, now I'm new to this alcohol world but these Hool guys are what Drag racing is all about they go out of their way to be friendly and helpful to everyone they come in contact with especially me. We get by them with the best run we have ever made just missing that world but we are into the show for Sunday. It's Sunday E2 we get the Permatex guys after a great staging battle that actually put some fun back into these sometime boring slot cars we get the win light so it's on to E3.

But here comes the rain so the race is called till Monday. The Las Vegas regional races are known to be among the toughest in the country. They're scheduled back to back with national events to encourage competitors to travel and produce higher car counts. We had 16 drivers fighting for 8 starting spots. NHRA has also changed some of the points meets to two qualifying sessions instead of three. One little bobble and the second session becomes a do or die scenario. We tested with some new parts on Friday and had our guard up for "surprises". After two promising hits we were fairly encouraged and decided to stay on that course for Saturday.

We had an electronics issue in the first session and ended up 8th with a 5. It didn't and unfortunately we were unable to improve and missed the field. This was just a tough outing. Thankfully we can put it behind us right away. For the second year in a row we clinched the Division 7 Jeg's Allstars. The separate eight car shootout is held on Saturday of the Chicago race, where some of the toughest teams in the country battle for individual and team points, the Jeg's sponsored purse, and of course bragging rights!

We're also right back at it this weekend in Vegas for the national event. Last year our "Good To Go" car went to four finals in five events, we aim to pick up right where we left off. Thanks for having us aboard, we'll keep digging! Brea, CA--Although the Las Vegas Regionals did not give way to the best weekend for Lombardo and his crew, the team is far from finished. John Lombardo will be among the drivers there, ready to meet fans and sign autographs. The event is scheduled to take place on the Brooklyn Bridge, in front of the hotel, Thursday evening from There's no way around it, Gainesville, FL is a big road trip.

But it's one of the smoothest and quickest tracks in the country, and it's early placement in the schedule makes it a tone setting kind of event. Each year the East Coast hitters and pro cars flex their muscle at the Gatornationals with big E. This year we got our chance and produced a semi-final finish on our first visit.