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You have made it through roughly 40 weeks of pregnancy and have given birth to your little miracle baby! You have probably been through many ups and downs, experienced your unique birth story and had your heart stolen by your newborn oogling up into your eyes for the first time. There are some things to consider though, before you can cosy up as a family and start getting used to your new life taking care of tiny heart stealing human. Depending on your insurance coverage, they support between 3 and 8 hours every day.

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They show you how to care for your baby , how to give a bath, make the bed, etc. Moreover, they make sure everything is hygienic since in the initial postpartum period there is an increased risk for infection. They will also do the occasional trip to the supermarket if needed. I had the best Kraamzorg in the world when my daughter was born. So ideally, your Kraamzorg will be like a lion momma, protecting her cup! Please check with your insurance company, a whether there are restrictions regarding what Kraamzorg you can register with and b how much of the Kraamzorg will be covered.

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In most cases you will have to pay 4,20 EUR own contribution. All Kraamzorgs only cover certain regions, you will have to check whether they are available for your zip code.

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  • The advantage of a freelance Kraamzorg is that you will know the actual person that will be your Kraamzorg nurse. With agency an administrative worker will come for your intake interview, you will not meet your actual nurse in advance.

    August 21, 2018

    During the intake interview usually around 6 months of pregnancy , it will be established how many hours of Kraamzorg you will roughly need. The minimum hours you will be assigned are 24 hours , with a maximum of 8 hours per day. If you end up having a Cesarean, please inform your Kraamzorg.

    You will require more care and your hours will be upped. If the Kraamzorg nurse determines during her visits that you require more hours, she has the liberty to recommend more hours as well. During the intake interview it is advisable to mention whether there are language barriers, your point of view on visitors and your preferences regarding a direct or rather not so direct nurse. The midwifes first priority lies with you, the Kraamzorgs first priority lies with the baby.

    If you give birth at a hospital or Geboortehotel , call your Kraamzorg and let them know as soon as you know when you will be checking out. Your Kraamzorg nurse will meet you at your home as soon as you arrive. Please bear in mind that if you stay at the Geboortehotel, 8 hours per day will be deducted off your whole Kraamzorg time. You have to register your newborn within three working days after birth at your local municipality. Someone who was present at the birth can do the registration. There are no charges for registering the birth, but if you want a birth certificate you have to pay around 12 EUR, these costs vary slightly from municipality to municipality.

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    This institution provides care for children from birth to age 4 at the so called Consultatiebureau, which is essentially a child health clinic focussing on preventative healthcare. During this home visit a midwife employed by the Consultatiebureau will see how the baby is doing, how the cord is healing and whether everything is safe and sound for the baby. She will also give you an English book Growth book where all the appointments, the babies weight and length and vaccinations will be noted down for the next four years.

    She will also give you a date for the next appointment, a hearing test, which will take place at your local consultatiebureau. Auf unserer Seite bieten wir Ihnen eine Vielzahl an Gutscheinen. Doch damit ist nicht genug, denn der Code konnte auf das gesamte Sortiment angewendet werden. Die Douglas App hat einige Features, die wirklich zum Verlieben sind.

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