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Anybody else at this decision point? I figure I need to cut up about 10' logs before the saw pays for itself I'll need the lumber anyway and I've got the logs, the tractor, etc. Any advice from someone going thru a similar decision process? I purchased a new LT 10 in april and am very pleased with it.

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I have milled approx. I've built one shed 12 x 16 and am preparing to build a roof over the mill. Woodmizer speaks for itself with a 2 yr. I would highly recommend any of their products. I believe they sell the most bang for the buck. SDB likes this. You have been trying to make your mind up for quite some time now!! I went with a Norwood ML26 back in April, after alot of searching and looking, i came down to getting a mill from a well known manufacturer primarily for support and spares availability if needed , which led me to Woodmizer and Norwood here in Canada. The LT15 was more money than I wanted to spend as I knew any purchase would end up involving alot on ancillary costs the extra toys to go along with it.

What pushed me away from the LT10 was the engine choices, 7hp clone engine or a 10hp Briggs, that was my biggest deciding factor. Regardless of my choices and decisions Get an LT10!

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It will be the most fun you have had since the days when you first met your current wife or girlfriend Oh yeah why I bought mine I quit smoking and wanted to get myself something as a reward Last edited: Aug 10, Do it! I purchased 1 extra bed extension,this allows me to cut 16'. I am on my third blade now, Nails shortened the life of first 2,you may want to consider a metal detector.

I will either purchase a precision sharpener or build one in future,havn't decided yet.

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Watch the Youtube videos on precision sharpeners,very poorly narrated and boring,but very informative. The number of bands and the number of extensions boils down to your ancillary equipment, you dont have a sharpener or setter so you will need more bands than a person that sharpens there own. Never rely on the supply chain unless your are an integral part of that chain, it sucks wanting to mill but have no bands as you are waiting for your sharpened one to come on the next truck, or begin milling and have a mishap and have to forgo a days-weeks milling waiting for bands.

Most days milling I use bands, then onther days I use 4 in half an hour, and carry on with the other for the rest of the day. Then I have to sharpen the ones I have used at the end of the day or prior to my next days milling Use your new sawmill and, if you are not completely satisfied, you may return it within 30 days after delivery for a full refund of your purchase price. For LT10 and LT15 customers, we ask that you watch the provided training video.

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You can count on Wood-Mizer to stand behind our products and make good on every promise. Every new customer receives a complete set of manuals, some basic supplies for starting your business, a coupon for free blade sharpening, and two hats! It highlights customers and their projects along with helpful sawing tips, technical advice and even contests for customers to showcase their achievements.

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Free Phone Support Whether you need technical advice, parts ordering, or troubleshooting, Wood-Mizer customer service can help. Call us Monday-Saturday and talk to experts in electrical, hydraulics, and power plants.

Woodmizer Promo Codes

Field Service Wood-Mizer offers field service in various locations throughout the year. These stops are a great opportunity to schedule maintenance, add accessories and options, or upgrade your mill. Learn More Field service charge, labor rates, parts, and taxes apply. Filled with product information, specifications, and shopping tools, our 60 page all product catalog will help you find the sawmill equipment that best fits your needs. Please provide us with your contact information so we can send you a free catalog today!

Power Options. The first cuts are made across the top of the log. Saw the last side to square the log into a four-side cant. Rotate the cant to produce the maximum amount of lumber. Edge boards by sawing the rough edge off. More than 40 pages dedicated to portable sawmill equipment A helpful guide on "How to Shop for a Sawmill" Product part numbers and pricing Complete list of sawmill options and accessories Customer dream projects and success stories.